【ZIP】Are the selection criteria in the competition, fair?【ZIP】

Are the selection criteria for the competition good enough?


The project admins say they will select the 10 most popular posts based on likes and views and then let people vote on them.

As a former social media manager, I can tell you that this is a bad idea. Views, likes, and comments are very easy to manipulate. It’s enough for a few participants to do that, and that’s it. Everyone else will start doing the same to get into the top 10.

Another reason: What happens to a great idea if someone adds it an hour before the deadline? It will have 0 views and 0 likes, even though it could be a revolutionary and breakthrough idea.

Solutions: In order to prevent incentivizing people to manipulate comments and views, announce that each idea will only be evaluated by the project team.

How to conduct a fair vote by the team? It’s simple. Each team member should choose 15 articles. Then, in the general chat, everyone simultaneously sends the links to the articles. The top 10 will be selected based on where the most votes fall. This eliminates the risk that one of the admins will send a link to an article by their friend. Simply put, none of the other admins will choose it, and it won’t make it into the top 10.

What do you think about this proposal?

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Admins, what do you think?

Of course team have to chose it, why give it to spammers and cheaters?
It’s easy to create 100 sybil accounts and vote for a dummy idea, also spam all over it.

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Add an avatar to your profile. Otherwise they will think that you are my sybil :laughing:

Agreed. Someone also suggested this.

Exactly. They should choose based on the idea.
Btw, Please comment and criticize my ideas.

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And you read my article

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Winners have to be chosen by unbiased jury a.k.a the ZKFair devs. Most of the top commented zip’s are pure ai generated dogsh*t.

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I agree with you 100%

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Send your ideas :heart: :heart: :heart:

Brought this up in my proposal too, You won’t believe me but now it’s under attack from other competitors, Flagging it in hope of making it unavaliable!
Would love to here your thoughts on mine too: 【ZIP】Community-Centric Strategies for 10 Billion TVL

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looks interesting :v: :v: :v:

Those who gained views, likes and comments won. Sad.

AI and bots won, Technology won!

cool idea man! but i think we have 0 chances with alot bots

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I agree that GPT chat bots should not win at all

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Agreed. Someone also suggested this.

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