ZKFair Contest: A Community Call for Equitable Judging

I’m writing to express my profound disappointment with the selection process for the ZKFair strategy competition. It has come to my attention, and clearly to others in the community as evidenced by the attached screenshot, that the method used to determine the top 10 submissions appears to lack the depth of consideration we were led to expect.

Like many others, I invested hours into crafting a detailed, thoughtful strategy for the ZKFair project, considering every aspect from technological innovations to marketing and user engagement. I carefully outlined a roadmap, complete with timelines for each action, passionately aiming to contribute to ZKFair’s ascent to a $10 billion valuation.

To see the outcome decided by what seems to be a mere popularity contest, based on views and reactions rather than the substance of the contributions, is disheartening. It undermines not only the efforts of dedicated community members like myself but also the integrity of the contest as a whole. I’m sure this was not the intention of ZKFair, an entity I hold in high regard for its commitment to fairness and community-driven development.

I urge the ZKFair team to reconsider the selection process. I propose that a panel revisits each submission to evaluate its merit based on quality, feasibility, and the potential impact on ZKFair’s growth. A fair and transparent review would ensure that true value is recognized and rewarded, aligning with the principles that ZKFair stands for.

I remain a committed member of the ZKFair community and am hopeful that you will address this issue in a manner that reflects our shared values of fairness and justice.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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We all agree with your opininon, sad thing is that bots get rewarded and are now gone and those other genuine users don’t seem to care to check here anymore!

100% Agree mates, this opinion

They didn’t need any proposals, Else they would at least read them.

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