【ZIP】Strategy to GROWTH users and partners based on Yield (Coinbase), Exchanges, Circle


  • Use 20-30% of USDC deposited to Coinbase to earn Yield and distribute to USDC holders at L2 ZKFair
  • Partner with exchanges to allow depositing and withdrawing USDC on ZKFair and reduce transaction fees
  • Partner with Circle to boost USDC
  • Encourage dApps that need the stability of USDC (Perpetual, Gambling…)


  • 将存入 Coinbase 的 USDC 的 20-30% 用于赚取利息,并分发给 L2 ZKFair 上的 USDC 持有者。
  • 与允许在 ZKFair 上存取 USDC 并降低交易费用的交易所合作。
  • 与 Circle 合作。
  • 开发需要 USDC 稳定性的 dApps(永续合约、赌博等)。

Let’s focus on USDC! USDC can attract users easier and the more people trade in USDC, the more beneficial it is for ZKFair holders.

  1. Use a part of the locked USDC to earn yield at Coinbase.

Let’s look at Blast’s growth first. Blast is a layer 2 that provides yield to users if they hold ETH on their layer 2.
Although users are still not allowed to withdraw funds and the price of ETH isn’t stable, Blast’s TVL has steadily increased above $1 billion.

We can apply the same strategy, even better, providing yield based on USDC users held on the ZKFair chain.
Where does yield come from? The answer is to partner with Coinbase and keep USDC on their exchange (5%). The program:

Safety: Coinbase is legit. To be safe, the amount of USDC used to get yield should be about 20-30% TLV, adjusted in real-time (Please suggest ratios in the comment section!)
The yields can be divided equally among the community by day/week, which will attract users very well.

  1. Cooperate with exchanges to allow depositing and withdrawing by ZKFair + Reduce transaction fees

Let’s make ZKFair the preferred chain for users to transfer USDC as Tron did with USDT.
Convince exchanges to allow users to deposit and withdraw USDC using the ZKFair network.
Reduce Gas fees to attract users (< 0.5$) to compete with OP, Arbitrum, and ZKFair networks will explode.
Find as many partners that accept payments on ZKFair.

  1. Find opportunities to Partner with Circle (USDC)

ZKFair uses USDC as gas fees, so Circle will have a lot of benefits if ZKFair grows and has many users.
Integrate Circle CCTP and ask Circle to issue native USDC (reduce bridge risks). We can also learn more from Noble (USDC chain on Cosmos).
Cooperating with Circle helps ZKFair gain more trust, enhance network effect, and possibly have more payment and marketing partners… in the future.

  1. Develop and encourage dApps that are focusing on using USDC

Perpetual protocols often use cryptos as collateral. They are easily liquidated because of cryptos’s volatility. Using USDC will help them avoid this risk.
Encourage prediction and Gambling applications such as Polymarket and Rollbit to operate on ZKFair. Their users will not need another token for Gas, which is very convenient.
Encourage dapps at other layer 2 that integrate ZKFair: Uniswap, Sushiswap, Syncwap, Satori finance…

Please like and comment below so these strategies can be applied.
P/s: If you have ideas for improvement, please comment.

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It’s a good strategy, let’s make ZKFair great!

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your views are so cool.

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Thanks. Feel free to give comments

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Thx. If you have ideas for improvement, please comment. If this is selected as a proposal, I’ll send a small gift for your suggestions.

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So great! Thanks for ur contribution!

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Thank you. Feel free to feedback :kissing_heart:

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Brilliant strategy! The focus on leveraging Yield (Coinbase), Exchanges, and Circle for user and partner growth is both innovative and strategic. Excited to see this plan in action – a sure recipe for success!

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20-30% is too low, imo

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nice idea too because as usual withdrwal fe

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At this early stage, I think 30% is reasonable and safe because TLV can drop as quickly as 50% in a day.

Thanks. Feel free to leave some comments

I wish they’ll make it happen but the rule is based on likes and comments, sadly

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Wow its amazing! Thxx bro :smiley:

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anice proposal seems this plan is good

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What is “Noble”?What is “Noble”? Can you elaborate more? I think we should use USDT as gas, too

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Not bad idea, I supported you.

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Great idea i’m sure this will help and improve the project

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Real strategy! Thank you

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Thank. Hopefully, this plan will get enough attention and voted