【ZIP】Gold Strategy to Reach 10 Billion Dollars

Developing a blockchain project and achieving a $10 billion market capitalization is a significant challenge that involves various aspects, from the project’s conception to its implementation and adoption by the community. ZKFAIR has already innovated by having USDC as a gas fee, opening up opportunities.

  1. Increase the network’s scalability to provide a comfortable user experience.

  2. Focus on network security to prevent hacker attacks and protect the network’s reputation.

  3. Maintain an active community on Twitter, Instagram, and Discord to generate engagement and attract new potential users.

  4. Establish partnerships with major players such as Coinbase, which is possible since USDC is the gas token for ZKFAIR (USDC was created by Coinbase).

  5. Introduce staking for the ZKFAIR token to encourage more holders.

  6. Provide token incentives for developers to build decentralized exchanges (DEX), NFT platforms, and DeFi projects.

  7. Offer incentives to bring in already established platforms like PancakeSwap and Uniswap to enhance the network’s credibility.

8- Adding more chains to the official bridge Like arbitrum, optimism ,zksync

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Coinbase hmmm… and Binance too

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Beautiful strategy brother

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I liked it. I’m a developer and a big project needs incentives to expand the blockchain

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I suggested Coinbase because it is the creator of USDC

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Thanks for the compliment man

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It is very important for the development

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intelligent project my friend

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Very nice proposal bro. I think that this is the way to do our chain stronger.

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thanks bro , i m happy with this

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Thank you very much !!

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That can work emphasis on security is crucial

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yeah high security is necessary

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Congrats I agree with everything

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need to add staking and farming for ZKFAIR/USDC

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We need to bring visibility to this project

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I love ZKFAIR fair launches are what the market needs

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good,i love this Community,It would be best if this community could maintain this attitude.

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Good job your article is very well done

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Very comprehensive proposal, congratulations!

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