A New Principle for Determining the Winners of the Competition. The Community Decides

As the winners of the competition are announced, we may see a lot of people disagreeing with the results, and for a good reason, as most of the proposals are not original ideas, there is nothing innovative in them. In terms of growth and development of the project, many of them will be simply ineffective.

The winners were chosen based on the statistics of interaction with their proposal, so the winners were Influencers, owners of boto farms, bloggers, etc. even if their proposals are not highly qualified, which is what proposals should be, which will be voted for by the community and which will affect the future development of the network. Secondly, one of the criteria was the number of comments, but in most cases, more than 50% of the comments were left by the authors of the proposal and did not reflect real activity and interest

In this regard, I propose to open a poll where $ZKF token holders can vote in favour of cancelling the contest results. In case the proposal will be accepted:

  1. The team will select 50 to 100 best proposals based on the quality of the proposal and its potential.
  2. After selecting 50-100 best proposals, a vote will be opened, where the community can vote for the best proposals in their opinion.

A) This would not only be fair but also in line with the idea of the network - full community control over the network and 100% decentralisation.
B) Secondly, it will have a favourable effect on the community’s involvement in the development of the network and will give them a sense of responsibility for its future.
C) Thirdly, it will have a favourable impact on the price of token $ZKF, as such an event will entail token purchases.
D) Fourthly, although the conditions will still be on the side of the Influencers, this way we will be able to attract more people and improve the balance, which will allow us to determine the best proposals according to the community.

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I totally agree with this, you have my support.

Now we have to shill this propos, that all contestants who disagree with the results of the contest leave likes, comments and other reactions and that this attracts the attention of the team

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I think this is the only mod account here, DM him everyone, ask him to review again:

The idea is good. But the main thing is not victory, but that the ZkFair team choose a worthy strategy

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I absolutely agree with you, which is why I created this proposal. After all, we will have to vote for one of those proposals that won, and we will just have to choose the less bad of the bad, I want the network to evolve and choose a really effective strategy, not a strategy written by a free version of chat gpt

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First of all, let them check solutions described in proposals, don’t forget we need to vote for it on Snapshot and implenent in ZKFair development.

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The problem is that they didn’t even check them, sorry, but in many of the suggestions there are no specifics, just some generalities, some wrote about tokenomics and investors in general. What tokenomics can there be if 100% of the tokens are already in the community? And what kind of investors can there be if all tokens are already distributed, and the network’s commission is distributed between stakers and developers? How can such proposals be accepted and how should a sane person vote for them? It’s not a matter of winning and being rewarded, it’s a matter of the future of the network.

100% right, so let them just take 1 day and read everything, not just proposal but some discussion about it.
But seems like they’ve took the decision

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In my opinion, they won’t care

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Danbo you was good too brother, I appreciate our conversation here and efforts we’ve made)

Yes they won’t care, They seem so arrogant.