【ZIP】ZKFair journey from 3 million to 3 billion

Hello, everyone! I’d like to extend my thanks to the project’s creators for maintaining fair play. I’ve been able to deposit and withdraw funds without any trouble. My gratitude goes out to the project’s community who have assisted in resolving certain challenges and have responded to my inquiries without resentment. I believe things will turn out well for all of us. Best of luck to everyone.

Goal 1: Halt the outflow of USDC from the network.

I propose making the token minting for the airdrop time-restricted, for example, 7-10 days. Those who do not claim their rewards within this period seemingly aren’t following the project and aren’t contributing to ZKFair’s success. Any remaining coins after the deadline should be placed into a pool. Additionally, announce the news that those who wish to earn ZKFair tokens should stake their USDC. There, they will mine points. These points can be used to spin a roulette and potentially win shares. Once a week, 10% of the pool will be distributed proportionally among the winners. Odds would be set at a 20% chance of winning and an 80% chance of losing. Not everyone will win, but those who do will receive a substantial reward. Those who engage will potentially deposit even more USDC into their balances and stake it. ZKFair tokens could potentially enhance the odds of winning. The percentages and stakes can be adjusted. If it’s not enough, you can allocate some of the team’s tokens for this. If we follow my plan, all of this will last for 10 weeks. During this time, we will come up with something new. English is not my native language, so I’m not sure how accurately the translator rendered my words, but I believe you generally understood. The goal is to create excitement and a chance to win.

Goal 2: Attract Gamifi.

As we know, games heavily burden the blockchain with their millions of transactions. I suggest creating an L3 network for each game. This would be as convenient and straightforward as possible. When a game such as Axie Infinity joins and creates a new network, it would pay for it in ZKFair tokens or do so for free. For example, as long as the game doesn’t earn over $200,000 a month, it uses the network for free. Once it earns more, it allocates 2% to the holders of the ZKFair token. Imagine the ZKFair network becoming the primary one for games. Dozens of companies with billions of dollars in turnover could operate on it.

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Welcome everyone to discuss about this proposal

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If you listen to the Twitter spaces, airdrop claim will be open for 10 days only.

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They did this before I wrote my post? :grinning:

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I wonder if Bitcoin now falls by 40%, will the project still distribute tokens on January 1? :smiling_face:

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You dont know the exact timing, but he said 10 days only :smile:

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Hope the bull market continues

There are a lot of games planned for release in 2024. They will clog all L2 networks

Happy new year :v: :v: :v: :v: :v: