【ZIP】Community-Centric Strategies for 10 Billion TVL

Executive Summary:

ZkFair recognizes the pivotal role of the community in the success of a web3 product. This proposal emphasizes the significance of fairness in community engagement, beginning with the selection of campaign winners. To uphold the principles of ZkFair, the proposal suggests a balanced approach, rewarding both popular proposals and well-crafted, insightful ideas.
The most esteemed aspect of any Web3 product is its community. With a robust community, the project inherently garners support and integrations from prominent projects. This phenomenon has already been substantiated within our current project. Therefore, the paramount emphasis should persistently center on fostering and cultivating the community, while concurrently upholding principles of fairness.

Fair Campaign Rewards:

In light of the foregoing, the inception of fairness should commence with the selection of the campaign winner for this proposal. While it is acceptable to acknowledge and reward individuals with significant audience reach, it is imperative to recognize that brilliance often resides in minds that may not possess influencer status, lacking a broad community to amass attention through likes and tweets. In the interest of equity, this campaign warrants a more discerning approach—one grounded in experience and knowledge.

As there are ten reward spots available, a suggestion is to allocate five spots to proposals that have garnered the most likes, comments, or similar metrics, and allocate the remaining five spots to proposals that are exceptionally well-written and demonstrate a profound connection with your team. It is crucial to maintain this equilibrium for the future reward opportunities, aligning with the ethos of the project, ZkFair.

To ensure fairness, allocate rewards for the proposal campaign in two categories:

  1. Community Engagement (50%): Awarded based on likes, comments, and other social metrics.
  2. Quality Proposals (50%): Recognize well-written proposals that resonate with the ZkFair team’s vision.

Strategies for 10 Billion TVL:

Integration of Existing DeFi and NFT Platforms:

Integration of pre-existing DeFi and NFT platforms is a strategic move for blockchain ecosystems. Decentralized applications such as Uniswap, Aave, Curve, and the Elements Marketplace boast substantial user bases. Chains that have successfully implemented these platforms have experienced a significant surge in Total Value Locked (TVL). An exemplary Layer 2 (L2) solution is Base, which achieved a substantial TVL increase within a short span by seamlessly integrating these prominent dApps. It is noteworthy that all leading Layer 2 solutions prominently feature these decentralized applications within their ecosystems.

Implementation of Platforms without Governance Tokens:

Airdrop farming has become ingrained in the culture of Web3.0. Several noteworthy platforms, which have yet to release a token, witness substantial user engagement primarily driven by the prospect of receiving airdrops. Notably, these platforms also excel in terms of user interface (UI).

In the realm of decentralized finance (DeFi) and lending, platforms like Velocore, Layerbank, Syncswap, and Keom Protocol have garnered attention. They stand out for their robust functionalities and user-friendly interfaces.

For Futures and Perpetuals, SynFutures and Increment Finance have emerged as notable players, attracting users with their innovative offerings.

In the domain of name services, Star has established itself as a prominent choice, providing a reliable and efficient service.

Infrastructure plays a crucial role, and platforms like L0, Wormhole, and Zklink have proven to be foundational elements, contributing to the overall robustness of the Web3.0 ecosystem.

Bridging the gap between different blockchain networks is critical, and platforms such as Li.fi, Bungee, Squid Router, and Debridge have become integral components in ensuring seamless interoperability across diverse blockchain environments.

It’s important to note that the prevailing trend involves users trying out these applications on various blockchain networks to become eligible for airdrops. However, their sustained usage is often influenced by the transaction costs associated with each chain. Lower transaction costs serve as a compelling incentive for users to engage more frequently on a particular blockchain. To enhance user interaction on ZkFair, reducing transaction costs is paramount.

Introduction of New Native DApps and NFT Platforms:

Introducing novel decentralized applications (dApps) and NFT platforms that have yet to launch their own tokens is a strategic initiative for expanding the ZkFair ecosystem. These can be native dApps, potentially derived from existing ones that are hesitant to integrate with ZkFair. These new platforms would retain the inherent advantages and security features of their predecessors, ensuring a reliable and secure user experience. Furthermore, they present an opportunity for the eventual release and airdrop of their native tokens in the future.

An illustrative example of this approach is the exclusive presence of Seamless on the Base network. By fostering a similar environment within the ZkFair ecosystem, we aim to attract innovative projects that align with the principles of our platform, providing users with diverse and rewarding experiences while maintaining the high standards of security and functionality associated with established protocols.

Innovative Strategies to Encourage Token Adoption:

Transaction Pass:

The introduction of “Txs Pass” is a valuable proposition, building upon the suggestion extended to users in Aurora+. In Aurora+, users currently benefit from 30 complimentary transactions per month. This concept can be expanded to include a similar offering for users engaged in locked staking of ZKF.

The proposal suggests a mechanism where users receive a designated number of free transactions based on the duration of their stake. As the staking duration increases, users would be entitled to a higher allocation of free transactions. This innovative feature is particularly advantageous for traders, offering them a practical and cost-effective solution for executing transactions within the ZkFair ecosystem.

Implementing the Txs Pass for locked staking not only adds an additional layer of utility to ZKF but also encourages long-term commitment from users, fostering a more engaged and participative community within the platform.

Enterprise Transactions:

Introduce sponsored gas fees, where the protocol subsidizes user transaction costs by allocating a specified amount of USDC to the network. This initiative encourages more transactions, contributing to increased TVL.

Generative Native Yield:

Mimic successful models like Blast and Manta by generating yield on USDC held within the ZkFair network. This strategy attracts users by providing additional incentives for keeping funds within the ecosystem.

Introduction of Lottery:

The proposal for the introduction of a lottery system is a creative and engaging way to redistribute gas fees back to the ZkFair community. This initiative involves allocating a percentage of the generated fees to a lottery pool, which will be distributed in the form of weekly prizes. The lottery system is designed to include both substantial and smaller prizes, creating an enticing opportunity for participants.

To further incentivize participation, lottery tickets can be earned through the Blast and Manta narrative, encouraging users to accumulate tickets by holding assets on ZkFair. For instance, users could earn one lottery ticket for every $1,000 worth of assets held per week, and an additional ticket for every $500 worth of ZKF tokens locked in staking. The lottery prizes could encompass various rewards, including transaction passes and allocations for upcoming NFT Bluechips mint.

This gamified approach provides a perpetual incentive for users to engage with the ZkFair platform, aligning with the Blast and Manta narrative while allowing participants the flexibility to manage their funds as they see fit, with the only stipulation being that they refrain from bridging them out. The introduction of such a lottery system contributes to a dynamic and interactive user experience within the ZkFair ecosystem.

IDO Opportunities and Airdrops:

The proposal for IDO opportunities and airdrops introduces an innovative and dynamic approach by incorporating retroactive allocations based on users’ past gas fee activities. This mechanism aims to incentivize and reward active participation within the ZkFair ecosystem. Here is a refined presentation:

ZkFair is poised to revolutionize IDO opportunities and airdrops by introducing a unique retroactive allocation system. In this paradigm, users who stake ZKF tokens are not only eligible for a portion of tokens in an IDO but also stand to benefit based on their historical gas fee activities.

Consider a scenario where an IDO is imminent; a snapshot is taken, and users’ past activities on the chain over a specified period (e.g., two weeks or a month) are meticulously examined. Users are then granted the opportunity to purchase tokens at the IDO price, with their allocation being determined by their gas activities during the retrospective timeframe. This approach serves to reward and encourage sustained engagement on ZkFair.

Furthermore, a similar concept can be extended to airdrops from ecosystem-native dApps. While not the entirety of the airdrop allocation, portions of it can be distributed retroactively in the form of gas drops, linking user rewards directly to their historical engagement with the platform. This multifaceted strategy not only enriches user participation but also aligns with the ethos of rewarding those who actively contribute to the ZkFair ecosystem.

Partnership with Eesee Marketplace:

The proposal for the partnership and integration of Eesee Marketplace presents an exciting opportunity for the ZkFair ecosystem. Eesee, currently available on the Goerli testnet and soon to launch on the Ethereum mainnet, introduces gamified methods for acquiring blue-chip NFTs at a fraction of the market price. A formal articulation is as follows:

The collaboration with Eesee Marketplace, an innovative NFT platform, offers a unique gamified approach to acquiring blue-chip NFTs at a reduced cost. Currently available on the Goerli testnet and poised to launch on the Ethereum mainnet, Eesee’s distinctive method involves users purchasing tickets for a chance to win coveted NFTs. The more tickets a user buys, the higher their chances of winning.

To enhance this collaboration, a partnership agreement can be established whereby users utilizing $ZKF to purchase tickets receive additional tokens. This mutually beneficial integration not only strengthens the ties between ZkFair and Eesee but also positions ZkFair as a prominent platform for NFT enthusiasts seeking gamified and cost-effective methods to acquire premium digital assets.

By leveraging Eesee’s unique approach to NFT acquisition, ZkFair stands to attract a significant influx of NFT users, fostering a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem within the platform. This partnership aligns with our commitment to offering novel and engaging experiences for our users.

SocialFi Integration with NameTag/Tagify:

The integration of Nametag, a universal username system implemented on Ethereum, and its recent addition of Tagify, a unique implementation of Friends.tech, offers a compelling opportunity for the ZkFair ecosystem. Nametag has established a notable community base, and Tagify, with its innovative features and a seamless UI through a Chrome extension, has introduced game-changing elements in the SocialFi space.

Currently implemented on Arbitrum, Tagify has yet to receive substantial support from Offchain Labs or the Arbitrum DAO. In light of this, a strategic proposal would be to engage in discussions with Nametag and Tagify to explore the possibility of making them exclusively available on ZkFair. This exclusivity could foster a mutually beneficial relationship, providing Nametag and Tagify with a dedicated platform and ZkFair with a unique and innovative offering in the realm of SocialFi.

As the Friend.tech airdrop approaches, this collaboration has the potential to generate significant hype and interest in the SocialFi space. It aligns with ZkFair’s commitment to fostering partnerships that bring novel and valuable experiences to our community. Engaging in conversations with Nametag and Tagify to explore the exclusive integration on ZkFair could contribute to the growth and vibrancy of our ecosystem.

Introduction of Inscription Marketplaces:

Capitalize on the existing hype around inscriptions by creating a dedicated marketplace. Implement elements of IDOs and airdrop strategies within the inscription space to stimulate user engagement.


By prioritizing fairness, community engagement, and innovative strategies, ZkFair aims to achieve its ambitious goal of reaching a 10 billion TVL. This proposal outlines a comprehensive approach to attract users, integrate established platforms, and introduce unique features, solidifying ZkFair’s position in the competitive Layer 2 blockchain ecosystem.

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