$ZKF to the Top of L2

Welcome to the People’s Project

ZKFair has launched in most fair and square way possible whilst ensuring a decent TVL growth.
ZKF has both attention and interest of people. This project is primed to tap into the Top 3 L2s. I would request the community to present their views and ideas to help ZKF grow and expand.
A few suggestions I could think of are:-

  1. Get Dapps and Dapp devs choose ZKF by incentivising them with a share of Revenue from Gas fees. A 40/60 share between Devs/ Comunity would be reasonable and ensure optimum participation of both.

  2. We need to tap into some hot trends such as NFT, Meme, Yeild Farms etc. Finding a niche in these will help a long term growth.

We are pioneers of this great launch. Let us work together to ensure ZKF’s success!