[ZIP] Increasing TVL and Attracting New Users Should Be the Biggest Priority to Achieve $10B. Here's How


Currently, Zkfair’s roadmap is to distribute 70% of the revenue to ZKF stakers and 30% to ecosystem projects.

Distributing 30% to ecosystems can help attract new projects and benefit Zkfair chain growth. However, allocating 70% to ZKF stakers will not contribute much to chain growth. The priority should not be to reward stakeholders at the start of the growth phase.

Therefore, I propose to reduce the allocation from 70% to 20% (adjustable through voting) and use the remaining 50% to buy back ZKF to grow the chain to $10B.

Here is how:

  1. Gas Fee Refund - 10%. Refund 10% of gas fees as ZKF tokens periodically. This helps with on-chain activity and allows people to become ZKF holders passively.

  2. TVL Periodical Reward - 10%. Provide promising protocols with a base yield based on user engagements. ZKF holders can vote on which protocols are rewarded ZKF for their growth, providing extra utility for ZKF.

  3. Educational Fund - 10%. Reward users who educate others about ZKF and contribute to its growth.

  4. ZKF Token Burning - 10%. During times when ZKF is undervalued, token burning is a great strategy to decrease token supply and boost investor confidence. Since Zkfair’s chain base token is USDC, maintaining user activities can help sustain price support in a bear market.

  5. Zkfair Team reserve fund - 10%. This is the fund to support Zkfair team for future endeavors. Blockchain is adopting every day. We should invest in teams to bring innovation and improve efficiency. Onboard new talents to contribute to Zkfair development.

These are ideas to help Zkfair to become a $10B project. Of course, if this ZIP is adopted, the details and distribution percentage is up for the community to decide.

Let me know your thoughts!

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Other channels like gaming, social, and AI are also worth investing, Zkfair can pivot towards these direction.

Nice proposal. It’s only 50% of the revenue. I think we can use the rest 50% on other activities.

I wouldn’t mind if it was 90% to ZKFair and only 10% to the stakers, we should use most of the funds to grow the ecosystem, then we can adjust it higher for the stakers later in the life cycle of the chain.

Innovation costs money we should use most of the gas fees to boost the ecosystem

boosting 50% to 90% is nice.

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I’m agree with you, but all remained tokens should be burned