【ZIP】 I'll try to make an original proposal :)

The result that zkFair achieved in just 2 days took Starknet, Scroll and the zkEVM Polygon 2 years! Therefore, who else but the CEO of zkFair may have the best plan to achieve the goals of TVL $10B. But I’ll still try to make an offer :slight_smile:

Considering the fact that today’s result you achieved thanks to a clever and original idea, making you such banal suggestions as - “add steaking, ambassador program, new airdrops, quests” - will look disrespectful to your knowledge, because everyone knows about these activity programs, and you even more so.

Just like your original idea today conquered the $100M TVL in short order, another new idea can help you make another leap, towards $10B.

I really liked the new program from Blur, where for BLUR staking they promised to conduct an airdrop of tokens of a new project, namely - Blast. You can definitely also create another project (L2, DEX, etc.) and promise to airdrop tokens of this new project for adding TVL to zkFair, conducting a transaction in zkFair, and also staking ZKF. It is obvious that the interest in this program on the part of users will be extremely high. In turn, ZKF staking will maintain and increase the value of the token, TVL will grow and there will be stable activity in the network!

Of course, before launching any new project, a pause is necessary. During this time, zkFair will be able to be remembered as a project that conducted a generous airdrop. And the announcement of a new project with a new airdrop will cause the same effect as in the case of Blast from Blur.

Your example shows that airdrops work better than anything else today. It is enough to compare OpenSea and Blur.

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I love the organic, smth like fresh air! :two_hearts:
ZKF staking/farming and some steps to keep the TVL this is the key.

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Oh, Roma, CryptoHamster is it you,bro?:smiley:

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Yes it’s me :). Thank you for your feedback!

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Your community is here too, obnial krepko)
You can check my proposal too :handshake:

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I understand the point but why would an L2 introduce a new L2? just to incentivize user?!
Which one users will rather use after this? And Paradigm already has like 5 layer 2s in their portfolio, no room for new ones!
However yes it’s good to expand fairdrops to other ecosystem dapps, which is something I explored a bit further in my own proposal.

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I was expecting a cool idea from the crypto-hamster and I got it. Top!

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I agree, that’s why I wrote that it could be DEX or any other project

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I’m grateful for your feedback

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The creators of Blur didn’t create another NFT marketplace, they created L2. So zkFair should create an NFT Marketplace :smile:

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Haha yeah :))
Not sure about a Marketplace but I lean towards the idea of a SocialFi, not much competition there so team can pull a great product and a great airdrop at the same time.

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This idea is great. It’s more practical than the empty words that are so prevalent here.

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The success of this depends heavily on the development team’s direction. BLUR has a lot of funds, so they can easily deploy new projects.

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Thanks for your feedback!

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zkFair shows with its example that this is not necessary :slight_smile:

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Familiar people) Greetings from Dimmao

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Привет, мужик. Спасибо тебе за твои видео и посты подробные.

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спасибо тебе за отзыв!

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I’m sure the zkFair team has grand plans that are hidden from public view. But an unexpected explosion at the right moment? I think that they should read this proposal and think about it.

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