【ZIP】Added utility to push $TVL in ZKFair

If you look at projects with billions of $ TVL, you can see that most of them always have VCs and investors supporting them, such as Arbitrum, Celestia, Optimism etc.
But what about zkfair which doesn’t have investors supporting it? Is it a loss? The answer is no and that may be the biggest advantage.

The community has the ability to make the once impossible easy, and BTC is one of the biggest examples.
And if I were the CEO of the biggest community I would

  1. Create a grant program and provide airdrops
    Create and provide support to a project, especially one that will be built within the zkfair network, which will promise to provide a minimum of 10 - 20% of the total supply to $zkf token holders who stake.

  2. Collaborating with several crucial projects, especially in the fields of infrastructure, finance, games, nft

  3. Create an event to make on-chain transactions such as swaps, stakes with certain prizes

  4. Collaborate with projects that allow zkf to be a payment mode.

  5. Promising or Providing liquidity for potential projects who want to integrate their projects into the zkfair network

  6. Providing support to communities who want to develop their talents or abilities into blockchain.

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Something to think about :thinking:

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I think point 5 would be good for attracting potential projects that didnt have a liquidity to integrate into zkfair

Stellar breakdown of ZKFair’s strategy! The article not only informs but excites, making me eager to witness the project’s growth unfold.:smiley:

Thank you
Together we can make zkfair great