If I were CEO of ZkFair

This project looks great to me. I love the idea of fair decentralization and I believe that on TGE valuation will be at least 1 bill, looking at TVL and overall interest.

However, as Paradigm showed us, the best way to attract crowd is to implement protocols with point system/farming mechanism, otherwise leading L2 solutions will take an advantage. There are several DEXes with point atm, (ect KiloEx, Drift and many more).

The most recent example is Starkent, they’ve kinda announced the drop, however TVL is stable and has a huge room for moon, imo that caused by Nostra + Ekubo point systems + shitcoins launch.

imo for ZkFair it’s kinda same, but different (lol). For example, wen I will get claim my drop what should I do with the token, stake it? Ok, so if I stake for USDC rewards, I must be confident that the network will be able to hold this TVL and generate HUGE USDC profits from commissions, it MUST be as high as it’s risky, nobody will lock the cash for 5-10% APY in a token without any official investments (No offence, obviously you don’t publish it). And the best way to keep High transaction volume is described above. Points points points free money free money for all, come AND GET IT!!

Well, but how to attract developers and teams to the Network? The only way is money as well, we have 75% share for the stakers, why don’t we keep, for example, 25% will l be transfered to some treasury or escrow wallet and following all DAO principals WE will vote for the team, devs, particular projects we want to collaborate with.

And the last but not the list, games. Fast txts and fees paid in USDC? Really sounds like a potential gaming blockchain.

Overall, I’m just a user, not a degen. If something works better than what I use now, I will follow. If something pays more APY that is payed now, I will quit and reinvest. All my wet dreams above come from this point of view.

Thanks for reading!

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An insightful read! ZKFair’s roadmap for growth is well-articulated, providing a clear vision for the project’s advancement

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Either way, it’s wrong. The idea’s not worth it.

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@NhekiOnDabeat gl with that man!

aint that the truth :sweat_smile: