【ZIP】Building a Robust DeFi Ecosystem on ZKFair

Wow, this is incredible! So many visitors since I propose this, it is an overwhelming response. It’s clear this proposal resonates strongly with the ZKFair community. Thank you all for the tremendous support and engagement so far. :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada:

As the proposer, I’m blown away by the enthusiasm and alignment around building out ZKFair’s DeFi ecosystem. This proposal taps into exactly what we need to drive adoption and growth.

I appreciate all your thoughtful comments, likes, and words of encouragement. It gives me confidence that we’re on the right track. Rest assured, if this proposal is selected, I intend to fairly distribute a portion of the whole $ZKF reward to all of you who supported it.

Let’s keep the momentum going! With this level of community backing, I know we can work together to make ZKFair a leading L2 and fulfill its massive potential. This is just the beginning, my friends. Exciting times are ahead!

=== proposal below ====

If I were CEO of ZKFair, my primary focus would be on building a thriving DeFi ecosystem on the platform to drive user adoption and TVL growth. Here are the key initiatives I would undertake:

  1. Launch Perpetuals and Options Trading: Deploy perpetual swaps and options trading protocols like dYdX and Opyn. This will attract professional traders and market makers. Offer up to 10x leverage to incentivize volume.
  2. Launch Lending and Borrowing: Allow users to lend and borrow assets to leverage DeFi. Starting with stablecoins and ETH, later expanding to altcoins. Partner with lending platforms like Aave and Compound.
  3. Launch Staking Derivatives: Offer staking derivatives like Lido to allow staking of ETH and liquid staking tokens. This boosts TVL and use cases.
  4. Incentivize DeFi protocols: Subsidize gas fees and offer grants/rewards to attract top DeFi protocols into the ZKFair ecosystem. Target protocols like Curve, Convex, Yearn etc.
  5. IDO platform: Launch an IDO platform for new token projects to raise funds through transparent lottery-based offerings. This helps bootstrap liquidity.
  6. Foster Innovations: Run hackathons, grants and incubator programs to support developers building novel DeFi apps on ZKFair. This expands the ecosystem.
  7. Liquidity Mining: Allocate a portion of ZKF supply towards liquidity mining programs. This incentivizes liquidity provision across protocols.

If executed well, these initiatives can drive significant user traction and TVL to make ZKFair a top 10 L2 ecosystem. The goal should be to aggressively expand the DeFi offerings and opportunities on ZKFair.

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Great proposal! Building out a thriving DeFi ecosystem should be the top priority. Launching derivatives and options trading will attract a lot of volume. I fully support this plan.

Welcome everyone to discuss about this proposal

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Хорошая идея. Соглашусь с вами !

Expanding the DeFi offerings and opportunities on ZKFair is exactly what we need. The liquidity mining and grants for developers are clever ways to drive adoption. I’m in full agreement!

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I couldn’t agree more with the focus on DeFi ecosystem expansion. All the suggestions, from adding trading/lending to grants and liquidity mining make complete sense! Let’s do this!

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Insights! :sunglasses: An intriguing look into the future of ZKFair. The detailed roadmap promises innovation, making the journey ahead even more exciting. Can’t wait to see the project unfold and achieve its ambitious goals! :rocket:

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Not bad. I think it will be a success

As a developer, I’m excited by the hackathons and grants to build novel DeFi apps on ZKFair. Great way to expand the ecosystem. I support this proposal. :grinning:

The multi-pronged approach covering different DeFi verticals is the right way to go. Building a thriving ecosystem takes time, but this plan will get us there. I stand by it.

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Expanding DeFi use cases is the perfect growth strategy for ZKFair. Lending/borrowing, IDOs, and leveraged trading will get a lot of traction. I fully endorse this plan!

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:bat: :bat:The proposal covers all the key areas that will drive TVL and adoption. Perpetuals, options, liquid staking - it’s exactly what we need to incentivize users. I’m in strong agreement.

Bringing top DeFi protocols into the ZKFair ecosystem is brilliant. The incentives suggested will definitely attract the likes of Curve, Yearn etc. I support this 100%!

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As a liquidity provider, I’m most excited by the liquidity mining initiatives. Allocating ZKF tokens for this will get a big thumbs up from me! Great proposal overall.


The developer grants and incubator plans are fantastic. We need to expand the ZKFair DeFi app ecosystem. I think this proposal sets us up for success!

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interesting view from yiuo:upside_down_face:

lets build together!