【zip】zkfai̇r 10 billion dollars strategy marketi̇ng

【ZIP】 I must say with sincerity and as someone who has experienced the first airdrop of the ecosystem in years, Marketing in the crypto industry is done via airdrop. So I have a few suggestions. If you want to make your name known, you have to do it again in a different way. Recommendation: Since Tokenomics is distributed entirely via airdrop, there are two things that can be done.

1-Airdrop via developed applications

2- Again 2. Airdrop with a collected purchase So how can you do this? Based on this experience and 100% from elite members, large amount of airdrops given to few people

Example/1 Airdrop for those who spend more than $1000 in volume from Zkfair native Bridge between January 15 and February 15 will be discussed throughout the world. We have all lived through recent times.

Example/2 In the ecosystem, an airdrop through the application is expected to be harsh under the same conditions, few people and the amount is high. This news will be talked about all over CT and there will be a large number of customers entering the Zkfair ecosystem. Everything will definitely develop naturally in this regard


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How are we going to do more airdrops if the whole allocation is already distributed

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maybe airdrop of memecoins is a good idea

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Yes agree with this but needs to be done indirectly, elaborated more on my ZIP

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There are 2 options

1- Airdrop to those who buy from the market and meet the necessary conditions

2-Airdrop via a native dapp in the Zkfair ecosystem If one of these two options happens, be sure that the whole CT will talk about this and hundreds of thousands of people will enter the zkfair ecosystem, there are examples of this. NOTE: My opinion is to do the 2nd option.

I’m glad you agree with me

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I believe it would play a significant role in marketing with a beautiful idea.

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I like the idea of Airdrop.

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the team can buy back the ZKF with gas fee they receive

The vast majority of gas fees have been refunded

thank you for agreeing with me

thank you for agreeing with me🙏