【zip】zkfai̇r 10 billion dollars strategy

How do we turn Zkfair into a 10 billion project? As someone who has been in this sector for many years, I would like to tell you about my experiences, what I have seen and what you should do.

1- Supply never determines the price of a coin/token, demand determines it, so you must create demand for the token. (In other words, there must be demand for zkfair.)

2-You must attract users: Not every person is interested in cryptography, they just want to do their job and get out of business, so applications that will perform the process with a simple interface that is user-friendly and does not tire the eyes, appeal to the simplest person.

3-Ecosystem width: The ecosystem should be wider and people should not start researching to make transactions, there should be guided applications Example: I made a bridge transaction and I want to make a swap transaction. After performing the bridge, interfaces that recommend applications such as an advertisement offering swap transactions should appear… can be exemplified.

4-I really liked this part of Tokenomics, it is a completely community-oriented token distribution, it reminds me of the birth story of bitcoin and I find it successful.

5- Transparency and reliability: The management part must be completely transparent and honest. A mistake made in this part will cause distrust and the project to be trash in the long run. If a decision has been made in the management, if it will be done in x days, it should be done in x days and you should explain it. Extra: Companies sometimes initiate buyback programs to reassure their investors and want to protect their investors. It is an excellent method if you are thinking about the long term. It provides the number one trust to investors.

6-Marketing: There was no better marketing method than a management that was honest and adhered to its program. Always try to communicate with quality people who solve the problem in a simple way and announce it through social media after solving the problem, because most of the market is fraudsters, if they are knowledgeable, experienced, made a name for themselves in the sector and have a mass, such people have a loyal audience and reliability in the market.

7-Incentive: Even small rewards can make the user happy. Example: Believe me, an unannounced airdrop for people using x dapps in the Zkfair ecosystem is a method that will be talked about a lot and is in your favor. and incentives to app developers and builders because even a single good app creates demand for zkfair, the real heroes of the ecosystem.

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