【ZIP】The only way to achieve $10 Billion Valuation

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In our current state of world, marketing is the main thing of every successfull project. And what do we know about crypto marketing?
The answer is insanely simple - MEMES :grinning:
Remember Doge, Pepe, Analos, etc.? Here is the key, those project do not have any idea or technologies, but just through memes they achieved incredible highs. :smiling_imp:
So, here in ZKFair we can have both: technologies and memes.
I purpose to start spreading lot’s of memes, we can start with this one :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth::


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it is very funny gif :joy:, this should be a slogan for the project and all participants

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A beautiful and wonderful clip…continuous progress

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It was very interesting to read. Thank you, I will study this topic more deeply.

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Interesting article, thank you very much

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Thank you for that it’s funny :smile:

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“A helpful article.”

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wow everything is too much good.

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Very funny gif :rofl::fire:keep going

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I love animals very much :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Good article thank you

Very funny gif :rofl::fire:keep going

Okay this one made ma laugh, bot why are the bots taking over everywhere?!

If Bonk can get to 2 billion, surely ZKFair will get to 10 billion

It is nice to add fun to business, it will be more popular.


Shaqiri was here .

Thanks .

Very distinctive and striking, and the clip is funny :joy_cat:

Useful and funny article thank you

interesting… Thank you

Strong project and indeed it will go 10 billion