【ZIP】zKFair's path to becoming a project worth 10 billion dollars or more

Together with main partners Polygon, CelestiaOrg, LumozO, thought leaders in the cryptocurrency space and influential supporters of zKFair launch an advertising campaign to encourage their users to use zKFair and attract new ones.
At the very beginning, conduct an information campaign in order to convey to participants in the cryptocurrency space all the advantages of ZKFair over its competitors. At the same time, use promotional gas-free bridges in ZKFair from partners, create and implement a promotion for 0.5-1.5 years with a system of rewards for users for gas spent and the number of tokens in staking, as well as a referral system with rewards for opinion leaders and users based on the percentage of gas spent and the number of tokens staked by the given referrals.
This way we will kill several birds with one stone:

  • maintain and increase TVL;
  • we will maintain the price of the token at the initial stage of development of the project by purchasing it and blocking it in staking;
  • we will bring a huge number of new users to the project, whom we will give time to familiarize themselves with, study and understand how easy, simple and profitable it is to use zkFair, we will give a good opportunity to receive additional profit for early supporters of the project and understand the prospects of being a part of it and owning tokens in the future;
    Well, then, as always, to the maximum, partnerships and launch on top exchanges, stimulate and establish partnerships with existing ecosystems, while simultaneously deploying new ones: perpetual exchanges (collective trading, copy trading), lending protocols, IDO platforms, Dex, socialfi, gaming sectors, marketplaces. And of course, launch your own memcoins and NFT collections. Develop and reap the fruits of your labors.
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Wow, that’s very clever. :thinking:

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It’s unbelievable how fast this world is evolving! This crypto news is a direct path to greater understanding and acceptance of cryptocurrencies.

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I don’t fully understand what is meant by this idea

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@cranks me too bro :smiley:

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Yeah I don’t either!!!

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Friends already explained :wink:

Thank you friend for appreciating it :slightly_smiling_face:

This is definitely a friend :slightly_smiling_face: :wink:

An enlightening read! ZKFair’s development plan, as discussed in the article, sets a clear path for sustained growth and innovation.

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Yes you are right, thank you for your attention and appreciation :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t think it’s a worthwhile idea. You don’t have to do any advertising

I beg to differ with you, at the initial stage, in order to maintain and increase TVL, maintain the price of the management token, as well as stimulate the confident growth of the project and demonstrate all its advantages to early users and developers, a good marketing campaign with an incentive component is simply necessary!

Yes, this may not be the easiest way, but from experience it is definitely effective. :smiley:

Amazing, isn’t it? :star_struck:

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Yes, friend, this is the path we should take :blush:

Especially at the very beginning :wink:

Big news! ZKFair’s campaign with Polygon, CelestiaOrg, LumozO, and partners is a game-changer. Exciting strategy ahead

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It’s hard to disagree with you my friend, completely different rules of the game, an exciting path and great prospects ahead :dizzy: :slightly_smiling_face: