【ZIP】What needs "Fair" most - GAMING/GAMBLING/LOTTERY

Since our name is “fair”, we just focus on build platforms which Web2 world lacks fair most, that is gaming/gambing/lottery.
To give truely generated and varifiable random numbers, all lottery/gambling can be implemented in a fair way, not only pure luck games, but also those with some real skills(e.g. Texas Hold’em)
This will give our chain a unique mark which distinugish with all other L2s. It’s also a field which can generate huge cash flow and stories. The chips can be anything from ZKF to memes.

That would definitely be awesome …it`s kinda of breathe of fresh air …and having fun at the same time

I dont see why not ... I would love a Texas Holdem and some random lotteries once in a while …still not to exaggerate on this topic …as many of us are already gamblers as it is !

Betting on crypto at all times

Thanks man for your reply. Actually independent applications are already there. e.g. Rollbit Coin and CoinPoker. however personally I don’t quite get how their random numbers are verified. I believe doing this job better will benifit ZKFair a lot.