[ strategy to make Zkfair $10B project ]

Hey Zkfair community !

I’m Gireesh Ceo of Zkfair project ( community based ethereum L2 network ) . As of now gas burned airdrop event ended with massive TVL $120M . Now everyone waiting for claim option for claim ZKF token . But wait …

We have a plan to claim your token and i hope everyone like and support for project . As we mentioned we decided to buy back from secondary market . So we expect such support from you too . We working hard to elevate this project so we taking some tough decisions can make you disappointed but its necessary to run our project long … .
Our points to mention here .

1- 50% of zkf tokens would available for claim intant .

2- 10% of tokens would available for claim to each quarter according to some onchain minimum volum

3- we planning to list on some of CEX . We trying to listing some major exchanges .

4- unused fees refunding would continue for forever .

5- we planing to create black hole :hole: for burning ZKF tokens ( according to usdc fees generate ) this may possible quarterly from buyback .

6- everyone invited to support for ecosystem by staking tokens for seamless blockchain .
Your thoughts , ideas appreciated in this forum .

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pretty strange tbh, some takes miss further development

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  1. First of all, we must ensure that ZKF’s transaction fees are the lowest among all L2 public chains, which can attract many projects such as DEFI and DEGAME to participate in the ZKF ecological construction.

  2. In addition to pledging dividends, ZKF can consider half of the dividend amount to be used to repurchase ZKF and destroy it. Dividend + repurchase and destruction give ZKF both dividend returns and deflation expectations.

  3. The ZKF project party leads the construction of a gambling project, and the lottery will be drawn once every ten minutes, or once every minute, such as using hash rules or other gambling rules, and using ZKF as a bargaining chip. The whole process must be fair, open and just, and the information must be available on the chain. . Let ZKF’s impartiality be more publicized.

4.Invite leading DAPPs to join the ZKF ecosystem.

5.Based on the current number of more than 100,000 users, an invitation incentive activity is proposed. The inviter can obtain points, which are used as bonus points, and the invitee receives a reward for trading GAS on the ZKF chain.

  1. Oh, by the way, we can start a cross-chain reward event at the beginning. Users who bridge to ZKF through various cross-chains can receive ZKF token rewards corresponding to the cross-chain amount. Rewards can be provided by the ZKF project party or provided by the profit pool.

  2. We should establish a special address to accept donations from enthusiastic ZKF fans, which can be USDC or ZKF. Donated funds are completely controlled by the community, voted on by community proposals, and used for the following matters:User losses caused by bad DAPP include solace money, ZKF advertising, charity, WEB3 venture capital, etc.

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