[ZIP] How to make a 10 Billion USD MCAP in 12 bullets

Hello there, this is an outline for how to make ZKFair a 10 Billion USD project.

    First of all I’d like to thank you for this opportunity provided to us, the community. In that appreciation is my first suggestion, always keep in mind it is us, the people, that are making this possible. As a community project, the community first is what will get us to our goal. Just like Olive Garden, when you’re here, you’re family.

    Incentivize the product. Why would someone choose ZK Fair over the limitless competitors? What a community led project needs then is reward for every community member, however seemingly insignificant. In our experience so far in the crypto sphere, it is often the small net worth member’s that will attract many small net worth members who will be louder than the loudest single whale. Hype, loudness, activity, all brings in more money. That said, the majority of wealth is of course going to be held by the few. Ensure they are rewarded and well taken care of for being here.

    Transactions should always net some type of reward. Whether it be immediate refunds of gas, or some sort of pot that is filled and distributed based on value of transaction, there should always be a reward. Tax every transaction some small amount USDC, give the gas back in ZKFair token. Use the USDC tax to buy back /burn ZKF tokens. We all pay the taxes to have better services, here one of those services should be some sort of universal basic income. There must be checks in place though to prevent or discourage abuse of this policy. I wouldn’t suggest the gas airdrop competitions being a normal thing because it can shut down the chain, making it too slow to use in DeFi, but continue doing the campaigns on some sort of quartely basis, or increasing the amount of time they are active.

    ZKFair token staking/governance: self explanatory, but important nonetheless. Make it worth it to hold.

    Management by and Paid positions under a DAO, hiring on to the chain directly. Make KYC compulsory and non-negotiable for all employed by the DAO who have access to or deal with treasury funds, coding, development, leadership, etc. Have a searchable database without doxxing devs/leadership that can build a sense of trust between investor and the chain.

    Ensure DAO backed Lending/Borrowing and other DeFi platforms. One of the major deterrents to wealthy investors is the risk of a rug pull. When the chain won’t/can’t rugpull, big money will come in. Have active, appointed individuals leading each of these projects who are voted in by the DAO. Base the native DeFi on prexisting reputable projects and utilize their smart contracts

    DAO voting weight. Consider increasing the voting power of smaller wallet investors to ensure those with the most tokens can’t heavy hand the chain into being their personal playground.

    Allocate funds for qualified economics and business advisors to critique and review major development proposals.

    Incentivize coalitions of delegates.

    Another way to ensure fairness in proposals and voting is to look at number of delegates vs number of votes per delegate.

    Implement a blockchain specific ETH liquid staking protocol with a tradeable token. Encourage stacked yields utilizing tokens by giving ZKFair or other rewards to major defi protocols, while also giving randomized rewards to under performing protocols that can only be used for user incentives, encouraging rotation of yields (Crop rotation) to increase competition in markets.

    Implement a gamified quest based system similar to citizens of mantle and MJ Miles by MANTLE chain combined with GALXE and the other Quest platforms, but make it entirely by ZKFair. Ensure the ZKFair points and rewards are interesting and worth it, the quests are doable and multilingual, and the NFT’s for ZKFair are cool/desirable.

    Allocate funds for multi-national marketing. No Ads, no annoying ads. Emphasize grassroots marketing, focusing on average users living normal lives enriched by crypto, utilizing ZKFair users on forums like 4chan, but try to minimize referral codes as I believe they are a deterrent in this meta. Also market to larger mcap crypto protocols who are gold standards on other chains and allocate vested funds for rewarding both the protocol and users they bring with them. Consider allocating funds for rewarding users who switch to ZKFair entirely, converts and vest their rewards.

    Encourage fair trading and discourage whale games/tactics. Incentivize keeping funds in a single wallet, potentially increasing rewards based on amount in wallet but consider how long it was held for what amount of time.

    Allocate funds for research and development of new technology and protocols beneficial to the chain. An example is ZKFair specifc GameFi and NFT use in DeFi. A Multiplyer game involving the DAO, the chain itself, Unique NFT’s that are tradeable, Socialmedia and ZKFair token as the currency would be a way to encourage some hardcore, long lasting users. It can be as simple as farmville or massive as World of Warcraft, although I recommend the simple one first.

    Allocate funds to be given to “small business” type start ups.

    Ensure DAO vote grant these funds to research teams, small business, etc

    (5 year plan) Allocate funds for Visual media, Music artists, and Television/movie programs on chain. Try to attract artists from both the crypto Sphere and web2 to release a percentage of their art on chain exclusively. consider funding IRL music festivals, Movie festivals, Art Galleries, and E-Sports/traditional sporting events.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding these points.

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wow very thorough. What about something like insurance for scams and liquidations?

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Detailed exploration of development strategies. The project’s outlook appears positive and exciting. Eagerly awaiting updates!:sweat_smile:

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