[ZIP] Fair Fight and Yield Bearing Stablecoin War

Fair Fight

Hello. Metta here.

** [ZIP] Fair Fight and Yield Bearing Stablecoin War.**
$120M USDC on Ethereum is a big asset. How to optimize and grow this Asset to increase value for Users and for ZFK holders?

Stake $120M with Yield Stablecoin. With 5% interest, it brings $6M annually to native Users on ZKFair. => Win for Users.

Utilize Ve Tokenomic to bring new value for ZKF. Stake ZKF for veZKF. veZKF can determine how to allocate the $120M. For example 60% to SDAI. 30% to SFRAX. 10% to eUSD… So all the Yield Bearing Stable Issuers will want to own veZKF. => Win for ZKF holders.

The End.

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Pretty nice args, it would be great to implement the idea!

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I posted another interesting ZIP but the post did not get through. Can admin help pls? Tks.
The post title is [ZIP] Meme Mickey Coin. Free Community Airdrop.

Tks very much for your support.

I also have the same idea. Similar to blast (1B+ TVL), will attract a lot of users.
The easiest and quite safe way is to hold USDC at Coinbase to get 5%. Details are in my proposal, please support this idea.