What awaits the ZKfair, and how to attract more liquidity to the network in my opinion

I think everything is fine, you have already done everything you need. Let’s go through the points of what ZKFair has in comparison with others.

As a native USDC token, users do not need to worry about having ETC or any other token in their wallet. They also don’t need to concern themselves with changing the price of the tokens they hold on the network to pay for gas if they simply want to provide liquidity to the USDC.

This is the first project where all the tokens were distributed at once. In the future, there will be no linear unlocking of investors or anything like that. This is also the first airdrop distributed for burning gas. As we know in cryptocurrency, something new is always successful.

ZKFair will be the first token from ZK-Rollup that we can buy. While the community does not fully understand what ZK-Rollup is, I think that when zksync, Zkevm, starknet appear, people will see their capitalization, and there will be a large-scale revision of the market.

I think to attract money to the network, you just need systematic development, without haste. I would highlight several points:

  1. Liquidity locking mechanism, whether it be staking similar to Blast, or various launchpads.

  2. People like airdrops. Now is the era of airdrops. We need grants for DApps in the ZKFair network, which will introduce a system with points or quests and reward users for activity on the network.

  3. Memecoins and NFTs are also very important in the current crypto market. Do not underestimate memecoins.

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It is not new to obtain token for gas, xen network has executed it that way, unfortunately it is very inflationary and the delivery of tokens in the long term did it wrong.
but they do exist, the good thing is that it is fair, and that each person obtains based on their ability.

I agree with what you say about the ZK, many do not understand the impact they will make on the market and a project like this will attract the attention of many in bullrun

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Just wanted to say this

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I think you can already see by what estimates funds enter all zk, everyone wants to get in, I think the optimist will go by the wayside

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ZKFair To the moon !

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Nice idea dude, hope ZKfair will implement this in 2024 :cowboy_hat_face:

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@SoHa Yeah, i like it too

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Skillfully paints a picture of ZKFair’s future success :sunglasses:. The strategic approach is poised to drive significant value and innovation. Exciting journey ahead!"

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The best project of 2024! Let’s fly to the Moon!

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ZKFair stands out! Native USDC, no token worries, and unique features like simultaneous token distribution. Exciting future with ZK-Rollup and potential for systematic development. Airdrops, DApps, and NFTs—brilliant moves