[ZIP] Strategy with the 4 steps in different areas

Hey, this is my strategy proposal with the 4 different steps in 3 different areas.

Area 1: Hype

Meme coins are here most probably forever. Before people will be able to claim airdrop - chain require to have solid Meme coin asap

Area 2: Development:

To have UDSc as a source of payment for the gas is a very user friendly initiative and very solid Step 0. As a next step, I would discover below opportunities as a source of payment for the gas:

  • any available token in customer wallet within ZKfair chain
  • Any available token in customer wallet within other EVM compatible chains ( crazy, no? :slight_smile:
  • Available rewards from the staking ZKF pool (

Area 3: Products
2.1 According to Defilama, liquid staking protocols are the most interesting places for the customers, so I would concentrate on this first. Some example,

  • Restake in ZKF chain any ETH ( rETH, stETH,cbETH etc) to gain additional $ in USDC.
  • Create own liquid token for the staked ZKF

2.2 All platforms in other chains receiving either grants, either investment for the building services. In ZKfair economical model - they can expect to have solid cash income from the fees generated in their platform. This critical differences should be pushed to the Dev communities through Hackathons and other marketing initiatives

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I like an idea about liquid staking opportunity

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Indeed crazy :slight_smile: even more crazy to have also non-EVM

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Seems like a better version of Blast, where you can have real USDC reward any time.

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Where does ZKFair get USDC to pay those who have staked?

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Agree, nice one … LFG

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From the commissions, like when you stake ZKF token .

啊哈 * Create own liquid token for the staked ZKF

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I assume its "Yes ":slight_smile:

It’s just crazy, how can it work?

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about what exactly are you asking?