【ZIP】Strategy to GROWTH users and partners based on Yield (Coinbase), Exchanges, Circle

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I think it would be very difficult to use 2 different tokens as gas fees. Choosing USDC is smart and hopes to receive cooperation from Circle. Noble is a chain specializing in issuing RWA in Cosmos, also using USDC as the gas fee, Circle has issued >60M USDC there.

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A great post I succeeded in writing it

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I wish I knew Chinese.The idea is worth it!

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I think the really good ideas will be realized.

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not agree, totally :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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anice proposal seems this plan is good

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The Chinese part is a summary I translated for those who don’t know English. I also don’t know Chinese

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Yes. I want it to be applied and attract cash flow again. TVL has been halved

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Which Locked USDC are we talking about? If you mean the one in TVL, That is not actually locked and is very much liquid, So I doubt project can risk those funds!

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谢谢。 我根据我从其他链/协议的策略中观察到的情况以及我自己的经验得出了这个结论。

That’s right, it’s the USDC locked when you bridge. Blast does the same thing, using ETH to stake so it would be a waste if we left USDC there. We can be adjusted over time to ensure safety.

Anyway, You can use some of my ideas if it’s useful to your proposal (It seems will pass). I am afraid that my proposal not attract enough people and it’s a waste

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