【ZIP】 Strategy. 10B

Implement ZKF staking, but there will be certain conditions for receiving rewards! But to do this in a way that has not happened before.

  • the staking pool is limited in number for depositing ZKF. You can deposit 1B only
  • The % of the reward depends on how early others brought their tokens into the pool.
  • to deposit tokens into the pool you need collateral in USDC. (if I want to stake 1000 ZKF, I need to deposit 1000 USD into the pool, to get 0% profit, it gives me the opportunity to vote and make decisions. To get 10% profit, I need to stake 10000 USD.
  • The meaning is that when staking you need to invest an additional USD,
    in return, you get the right to vote and make decisions, the pool is limited, and you receive rewards in US dollars. so that ZKF’s share does not increase.
  • also to maintain the stake you need to contribute 1% ZKF every month. Because they will burn 1% per month.
    ZKF will be burned, liquidity should ultimately exceed 10B. after some time.
    This is the basis.
    additionally introduce what is on hype into the ecosystem.