【ZIP】ZKFAIR 10ККK soon ZKF=1.5$

Strategy for Achieving a $10 Billion Market Capitalization for the ZKF Project:

  1. Enhanced Privileges for Top Users and NFT Holders(including partners):

Offering improved staking conditions for top users from ZKF and partner networks.
Introducing privileges for NFT holders, such as zkevm grandmaster, to incentivize participation people from friendly ecosystems and grow together.

  1. Competitive Staking Yields:

Setting a competitive staking yield, including one of the highest in the crypto from the start(in stable), making ZKF participation more attractive for investors and top users.

  1. Driving Traffic to ZKF Staking:

Creating favorable staking conditions to attract new users.
Encouraging the holding of ZKF tokens to increase demand for them.

  1. Increasing Staking Yields Based on Lockup Time, Gas Expenditures, and Overall User Spending:

Introducing a dynamic rewards system that considers lockup time, gas expenditures, and further increasing staking yields based on users’ overall spending within the network, thus encouraging whales engagement.

  1. Rank System for Gas Expenditures:

Implementing a reward mechanism for users based on their activity within the network through gas expenditures(ranks that guarantee you a privileges).

  1. Technical Solution for Verifying Top Users from Partner Networks:

Developing an efficient checker for automated verification of the top user status from partner networks and granting corresponding privileges.

                                           *Communication and Engagement:*

Community Engagement:

Regular updates on social media and official channels for community members.
Hosting AMA sessions with founders and key team members to build trust. At the AMA, we need to listen to the ideas of the community and
talk about them.

Media Campaign:

Informational articles and press releases for major cryptocurrency portals.
Organizing interviews with key figures to enhance project visibility.


Leveraging existing partner connections for joint events and integrations.
Collaborating with Polygon and Binance Labs for additional support and enhanced partnerships.

Educational Programs:

Creating educational materials about the project’s technology to attract new users. We can do a rewarded-company on Youtube and other
social medias.

Events and Conferences:

Participation in major events to present the project and attract investor attention. We can offer small pools in partners projects for ZKF-users depending contribution in ZKF.


Regular reports on project development and achievements to strengthen trust. Engaging with influencers, retweeting relevant content, and participating in trending discussions to broaden reach and enhance the project’s Twitter footprint.

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Will be really glad for any suggestions regarding my topic, thank you guys for reading! :wink:

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Cool strategy, i think this could work very well. But i don’t know about stablecoin staking, it’s hard…

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Thanks for ur comment! We can implement this only for early adopters and then reduce the rates, we need to raise capitalization in the shortest time possible
That’s why we need to be the best, even if we have to sacrifice profits :thinking:

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it looks fair, many things depends on individual user contribution, those things can attract more people to zkfair. its good

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Thank you for feedback bro!

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Great idea! I hope we hit 10 billions fast! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

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i like the point about ranking system, it could reflect well on the project and attract some whales

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@Fair @Rock Thanks guys, u can add something if u want, i will edit the post :heart:

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Guys, this is the 3rd most popular topic for today!! Thank you all for supporting, i’m really appreciate it!

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interesting suggestions, we can hit 1.5$ per zkf easy, it’s just a matter of time :grin:

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Seems cool, good luck with that bro

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Thank u bro, really appreciate it :pray: :pray: :pray:

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i like the idea about increasing staking yields based on contribution, maybe gas fee campaign users will receive more)

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Glad for u support! Yea for sure we already burned much gas and we will get a big cake! Big hopes for this project, i’m sure it will be lifechange for many of us :yum:

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It took less than 24 hours to climb to the top :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
All thanks to you brothers :pray:

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nice nice nice :+1: :+1: :+1:

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all cool here man :+1:

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One of the best topics i’ve seen here, good luck man

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Some of the features from here can help the project to reach 10 billions, good job

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