Make ZKF a 10 Billion-dollar project by lottery system

Make ZKF a 10 Billion-dollar project by Lottery system.

I believe that there are many people in this world who have greed deep in their hearts. So I would like to present to you how to use the Lottery system to increase the number of users and tx on ZKFair and make income for developers

To begin with create a ZKF/USDC liquidity pool and distribute lottery tickets to only those who use USDC to buy ZKF. Rules (all figures are examples)

  1. Random lotto every 8 or 12 hours and set minimum prize of about 500-1000 USDC every round and only 1 winner

  2. Set Tax or Slipage at 5%, divided proportionally as follows:
    1.25% = Deposite to ZKF staking pool
    1.25% = Developers
    1.25% = Buy back ZKF and deposite to ZKF/USDC liquidity pool
    1% = Deposite to lottery reward address every round
    0.25% = Deposite to lottery reward for next round

Maybe allocate some of it to buy back $ZKF and burn it (if there is a plan to burn the coins)

  1. Lottery tickets are set at 10 levels (for increase chane to win) per 1 tx divided by the amount of USDC used to purchase ZKF (not including tax)

level 1 = 50$
level 2 = 100$
level 3 = 150$

level 10 = 500$

  1. Unlimited tx each round

  2. After the round ends, all lottery tickets will be reset

strength :

  1. The buyer will receive ZKF coins
  2. Buyers will have a chance to win prizes
  3. ZKFair has increased the number of tx , users and TVL
  4. There is a prize money for those who stake $ZKF
  5. Have income for developers
  6. Help increase the value of $ZKF

weakness :
It may seem like a kind of gambling

Hope everyone like this idea :smile:

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Lotto always works, Good one

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