【ZIP】Buyback ZKF is need as part of the ecosystem

"To develop the value of ZKF, we need to create a great ecosystem. The more transactions, the higher the cumulative gas fee.

Here’s my idea:

  1. Divide the gas fee into three parts: ZKF staking rewards, ZKF team, and buyback ZKF for burning.

a) 5% for buying back ZKF and burning it: Done quarterly.

b) 25% goes to the developers and ZKF team: Done quarterly.

c) 70% goes to ZKF staking rewards: By staking ZKF; the longer the staking time, the higher the reward.

This method will continually reduce the supply of ZKF.

  1. Create a new token for ZKF staking. For example, if I stake 500 ZKF for 48 months, I get 500 48mZKF, and I can use 48mZKF for trading and providing liquidity. The same method applies to 24mZKF and 12mZKF. This way, people can immediately sell these tokens if they don’t want to wait until the unlocking time." By this method, there will be more defi dapps to use these tokens.

  2. Implement a voting system where individuals who stake ZKF have the opportunity to vote on proposed changes or initiatives. This will ensure that decisions align with the interests of the ZKF staking community." So we can create a proposal to adjust the ZKF rewarding system.

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"Insightful and forward-thinking! The proposed enhancements for ZKFair underscore a commitment to innovation and user satisfaction. Can’t wait to see them in action!:neutral_face: "

Buyback? Just need a good market maker

Buyback and burn it in order to decrease the supply permanently. The more gas fee, the less ZKF supply.

its diminishing returns as the price of ZKF rises the less is burned, but its a good gimmick to get retail to buy in