【ZIP】Road to 10 billion

Here is a 7 step plan to make this a 10 billion dollar project.

  1. Utility: End the ‘Wen Utility?’ question once and for all by giving the gas fees back to the ZKF stakers/holders. Since we haven’t solved the blockchain trilemma yet, depending upon the traffic to the site the gas fees may spike. However as long as this (or a portion of it) goes back to the token holders, there is always utility.

  2. Bridges - During the gas fee airdrop, many of the bridges were down and people couldn’t participate. Make sure that this don’t happen again. We need the liquidity from other chains to come to ZKFair. On top of bridges like Orbiter and Owlto, we also need cross chain swaps like Stargate in our ecosystem.

  3. Defi and NFTs: Let’s face it - the lifeblood of Ethereum is DeFi and NFTs and we need a thriving ecosystem of these two sectors at ZKFair to reach 10 billion. A lot of the newcomers like Syncswap that don’t have a token yet can attract new users to ZKFair with a promise of upcoming airdrops. Well established protocols that don’t have a token yet can atrract a lot of TVL to ZKFair.

  4. Launchpads: We need laucnpads like bscpad or seedify.fund (just some examples) to launch new projects in ZKFair as these presales are usually filled up fast.

  5. Roadmap - Issue a roadmap and stick to it.

  6. Tasks - Do partnerships with web3 giants like galxe, intract, quest N, Task on etc to attract new crowd. The social media reach that these campaigns will provide is already proven by Arbitrum Odyssey and Linea voyage. We need a ZkFair voyage immediately!

  7. Active governance - This is really really important. We need snapshot proposals to understand what the community wants. Instead of asking for opinions in telegram and discord, the team should put up new snapshot proposals.

If we manage to follow these 7 steps, then 10 billion is nothing. Even Doge has a marketcap of 13 billion, we should certainly aim for more!!! Go ZKFair!!!

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