【ZIP】 Scam or Soaring to a $10 Billion Valuation

Being the CEO of the zkfair project, I would like to consider the main problems and opportunities for the project’s further development and evaluation of the project at $10 billion. It is important to note right away that this is a very ambitious goal and that very few projects currently have a similar market capitalization. While it may be too early to talk about such a global goal, I would like to discuss the most basic and essential points for achieving this objective.

Network Security
I consider this one of the main points, foundational for all others. Trust in developers and their product is of immense importance for many users today. People have learned from the bitter experiences of projects like Luna, FTX, Fantom, and, therefore, a significant portion of the crypto audience is hesitant to trust their funds. Currently, despite the project having the name ‘fair,’ there are serious issues with centralization in the hands of developers, who remain anonymous. This creates a lack of trust, and there are concerns that developers could halt the network and bridges, taking users’ funds at any moment. Issues like the network going down due to a single RPC node failure have already been observed. In light of this, I would like to highlight the following recommendations:

  • Make the network more decentralized to prevent concentration of control in the hands of developers.
  • Ensure stable and liquid bridges for the network and its financial resources.
  • Conduct audits of smart contracts and the network for vulnerabilities.

Network Throughput
A project aiming for a $10 billion valuation must have high network throughput to handle thousands of transactions per second, allowing tens of thousands of people to use the network simultaneously. It is crucial to prevent gas prices from becoming exorbitant, as seen in the Ethereum network. Currently, in the zkfair network, this is not observed, and even with minimal network load, transaction costs exceed $10. This is hindering the project’s further development.

zkfair Token
The project executed a fair token distribution, and all circulating coins are in the hands of the community. Unfortunately, the opportunity for incentivizing token value through airdrops and points for activity is no longer viable :smile:. In this regard, the following points are considered to add value to the zkfair token:

  • Payment of gas fees using the zkfair token, with transaction costs significantly lower, and tokens being irreversibly burned.
  • Token locking for extended periods to receive staking rewards and participate in ecosystem airdrops and IDOs, with a portion of the supply from new projects going to zkfair stakers.
  • Token buybacks from the market and burning for network revenues and fees.
  • Listings on major exchanges for liquidity influx. :sunglasses:

The success of the project relies on building a robust ecosystem with projects having pyramid structures like FriendTech, decentralized games, NFTs, and other projects. A variety of projects, especially those promising airdrops, can drive interest among investors. Additionally, smaller coins creating FOMO can contribute to the ecosystem’s growth.

Collaboration with various projects to support network development and attract new users is vital. While zkfair has made progress with partners like Polygon Network, more partnerships and major listings on exchanges like Binance and Coinbase are essential for liquidity. Achieving listings on these platforms can tap into a larger audience interested in such projects.

In this composition, I have tried to elucidate the concerns of both myself and the project’s audience and what we would like to see in the project. Looking at other networks and projects, it is apparent that overtaking them and becoming one of the top projects in terms of Total Value Locked (TVL) and a token valuation of $10 billion is not overly challenging. I would also appreciate feedback on my topic to improve its content. Therefore, I would be grateful for any feedback on my topic.

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the team has said they will use USDC to buy back ZKF to airdrop to users to incentivize them

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I know about it. And I’m very happy about this event, that the team will fair support the token at the start.

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Good thoughts here, need to be seen by more members

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Thank you for your feedback :smiley: Let as many users as possible reflect on the security of the project.

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Impressive and comprehensive evaluation of zkfair’s challenges and growth opportunities. I appreciate your focus on network security, throughput enhancement, and token value propositions. Regarding the ecosystem development, have you considered specific strategies for attracting decentralized game projects or NFT initiatives? Additionally, how do you plan to navigate potential regulatory challenges as zkfair expands its reach and achieves major exchange listings? Looking forward to hearing more about your strategic approaches in these areas.

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Indeed there were many rumors, but the project has proven to be a success

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wow amazing and most helpful project

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This is a good approach and thinking

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I really hope that the listing will be on okx and binance

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Good article, thank you for the information.

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Very important article

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Well-analyzed! :ok_hand: Aligning well with ZKFair’s promising roadmap. :smiley::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

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Great project keep going :fire:

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A wonderful project that deserves admiration, thanks for the ideas


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