【ZIP】12 Billion dollar$ Proposal for the pioneers

10 billion dollars is a very large amount. But these are very real numbers that motivate development. To win competition in the market of Zk competitors, you need to build and develop an ecosystem.

As regular users, we don’t care where to make exchanges or trade NFT collections. Convenience is important to us. It is necessary to constantly collaborate, for example to present your network on already popular NFT marketplaces such as opensea, Blur or Element. You can also play on people’s feelings. Lost profit syndrome always motivates people to perform more actions, including leaving liquidity in the project. To do this, you can launch your own ICO/IDO platforms or stimulate the influx of new people through airdrops from ecosystem projects.

Delving deeper into the topic of airdrops, I suggest that all projects exit through a system of staged gas combustion, as was the case with the drop from ZkFair itself. But you just need to reduce the gas limit to increase the number of transactions. Since 25% of the Gas goes to validators and 75% validator fees go to ordinary users, with a large number of projects are released, people have an incentive to buy and lock their tokens to increase profits from commissions. What will play positively on TVL.

The greatest excitement for the project will come from memcoins and pyramid projects, based on history. Remember about FriendTech or StepN. You should also focus on developing GameFi. In the future, people from WEB2 will come to you through them.

Another very important criterion is a live audience with the points of view of developers and ambassadors. I propose to allocate 4% of validator profits to reward the most active and influential ambassadors. Thus, they are interested in attracting new funds, since the salary directly correlates with the number of users on the network.

The problem of aesthetics: create design rules for all applications within the ecosystem, so that there is one design regulation everywhere. I really liked the drop check page, it would be great if all apps followed this aggressive design concept. Make red your signature color.

I wish you success in your development. ZkFair is like a battle between discord and skype. Everything has already been decided :writing_hand:(◔◡◔)

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Bro, that is so true. Solana started to perform right after StepN. hahah
Like, mate

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I don’t know who are you, but that is the hidden truth of success. By the way, I don’t love red color, but idea of regulated design it’s something new.

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Im that person who used Skype in 2017. But now I’m fully Discord guy
Hope to see come back from ZK :joy:

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I look at all these proposals and it seems to me that everyone has already proposed what is even possible :joy::joy: Therefore, I won’t even try to change my mind. But with a single interface it’s a really cool idea. Like :+1:

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simple, concise. I laughed at the author’s openness about Fomo. It’s a very strong feeling. ANALOS ARE YOU HERE :joy::rofl:

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Exceptional insights into ZKFair’s strategy! :smiley: Offers a comprehensive view of the project’s potential for success. Brilliantly articulated!

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I think pyramid projects are a really worthwhile activity for the tenth billion. Haha I came to crypto throw FarmersWorld game built on wax blockchain :sweat_smile:

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As for me, the clearest path to the 11bilion capitalization, dude
Hopt to see ZKFAIR on top of coinmarketcap next year :eye::rocket::rocket:

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Let this guy cook :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Nah, appreciate your work. No that bad suggestion. New StepN on ZkFair - fair enough

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What price do you predict on listing ?

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I think this guy is optimist. 1 dollar not less than that :grin:

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The most realistic scenario is to build something like StepN, for real
A lot of hype will make his work to reach 10 billion. Or 5 at least :drooling_face:

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Is there any commision refund for the developers ?
If yes, i will go build my own marketplace. Just kidding, but that was interesting :thinking:

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ZKFair will beat ZkSync as Discord did to Skype
Let ZkFair be Great :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::whale2:

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I hope to see 0.1$ but if it wasn’t i would HODL for the better times

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My opinion is that GameFi, SocialFi is the future of successful blockchain
It’s important to do it as soon as possible to be able to win competition

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Thanks for noticing
Red color is just an example
Main pitch was that there is no blockchain with special design. It could be interesting move.
I don’t believe that it will bring a lot of users but, definitely, it’s something new

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hah but that 100% true. Fomo is the biggest motor of activity. Activity = users = tvl = capitalization.
I think you get that

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Yes, you con go and check that in their docs. That is really good solution already, but with my proposal that would even better

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