【ZIP】How to Make ZKF a 10 - 100 Billion-dollar Project?

If i was a CEO i would suggest the followings

  1. By reducing the gas fee, there will be more transactions on networks, which will automatically bring more users to the network and to the community. Focus on low gas from millions of users instead of high gas fees from less users.
  2. Native token (ZKF) as gas fee should be the major utility on the network. Instead of relaying on USDC.
  3. Deploy various stable coins on the network.
  4. Building Layer 2 Ecosystem on all platforms, with the support of 3rd parties.
  5. Only 33% of gas fee airdrop should be unlocked initially and vest monthly.
  6. Identifying the community leaders.
  7. Making decision with governance voting from the holders.
  8. Utilise initial 1 million USDC from gas fee airdrop for Marketing and other quest activities and CEX Listing.
  9. Allocate few portion of token for launchpad or lauchpool from ordinals allocation.
  10. Create Genesis NFTs for Active Users on the Network.

Welcome you all to discuss about the proposal, lets make ZKFair as a Fair community network and make it happen.

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Ok. Do we need to think about security?

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Obviously, should be audited and necessary steps need to be taken on basis of the report.

I think your idea is good to start the project well and the plans are well thought out too, I liked this

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Keep sharing this too the community