【ZIP】My Proposition to Make ZKF a 10 Billion-dollar Project - Extensive

I didn´t choose an specific category because this proposal involves several different categories.

First of all, we need to keep the success formula which is, from the community to the community. As long as it keeps this way, the community will support it and make it become a huge success.
So here is my plan in topics:

    Lots of projects focus too much on marketing and token price and forget about the most essential part which is a smooth and flawless blockchain/overall ecosystem. Failures such as the ones that happened prior and during the Gas Fee Airdrop event are bad for the image of the project. Of course nothing is free of problems and never will be, but having a proactive approach over things, solving it fast, is crucial for gaining market trust.

    Another bad thing that happened prior/during Gas Fee event was that there was a lack of support from the project and thats terrible of the overall confidence. Lack of mods or support channel to be reached. This way people often feel like its a ship with no captain. Although its a community project, every project needs some clear leadership.
    Problems happens, but people are much more confident when problems are quickly solved and with the proper support and updates from the project.
    Stablish a calendar of AMAs on a regular basis, at least once a month.

    This is very important for all projects, alone we go faster, together we go further.
    There are some trending projects that could really help us grow like GOTBIT that is a marketmaker specialized in helping projects reach the billion+ tier. I have contacts with them and can make a meeting happen.

  • IDOs
    This is also a great way to make the project bring several investors, but to be honest, I dont really think ZKFair needs it, because you already have a wide audience and great authority among investors.
    In this case i think the best approach would be creating your own launchpad where investors would buy and stake $ZKF to participate in upcomming projects.

    Its important to have ZKF listed in several CEXs and DEXs to increase its liquidity and reach. Sometimes the market maker i mentioned is also great for that purpose, for they already have great connections with all top tier CEXs including Binance and Coinbased, having listed there some of their projects recently. But not only that, we need several listings because some exchanges reaches certain audiences that others don´t.

KOLs are another pillar of a successful project, create special programs for KOLs to make them interested in promoting ZKF. ZKF needs to be in the mouth (or feed) of all crypto investors all over socials. So creating a referral program specific for KOLs would be a great initiative.

    Make use of what other projects are doing that is working. One example is Manta Pacific and Blast. Recently they launched their program to onboard users by offering rewards for staking, with benefits that goes from airdrops to mistery boxes that you would open to get rewards.Gamified systems must not be belittled, users like those types of initiatives.

    Create specific programs to encourage and reward users to constantly post about ZKF. Use tools like Galxe, Taskon, Zealy, etc.

    Crypto is democratic as it should always be, and being democratic means we reach people from all over the world, with many of them not speaking english well, if at all! So it´s mandatory to have local ambassadors to make them comfortable solving doubts and communicating in their native language. Pick the languages with high crypto demand first, like Chinese, Arab, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, etc.

    Be always open to new ideas, create a group only to hear those new ideas and to try to implement it. Just like you´re doing with this proposition contest!

Keep building and keep safe!