【ZIP】Quests with NFT ZKFair!

I propose to create a collection of NFT ZKFair, and then launch quests with a prize pool, where only those people who bought a certain NFT can participate

Quests must contain tasks from partners ZKFair

1 quest should last about 2 weeks so that people do not lose interest, there should be at least 5 such quests in total, these quests will help maintain the token exchange rate, do more TVL, partners will want to participate in them because you have a large audience, and this will be a partner Interesting

how to implement this?

  1. You need to create an NFT collection, it is desirable that the heroes of this collection are memes, animals, game characters, rappers
  2. Distribute NFT to active wallets (so that people maintain interest in the project)
  3. Receive assignments from partners
  4. Create a website with quests
    5.Quests should be similar, 100 usdc across the bridge, make the trading volume 1,000 usdc, put in staking 10,100,1000 usdc
  5. There should be a leaderboard on the quest website
  6. After completing each quest, you need to give out prizes, depending on the person’s place in the leaderboard list

Thank you for your attention, I believe that ZKFair will be a 1$!

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NFTs are good incentives

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helps to some extent but not to reach 10B TVL

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