Road to $10 billion L2 ZKFair

  1. First, I think you should follow the current trends. Create memes, provide liquidity for them to price x100 or even x1000. The hunters in the market are very professional, they will sniff it out immediately and KOLs will write a lot about memes on L2 ZKfair. TVL will increase very quickly.
  2. To keep the cash flow flowing, use hold ZKF + launchpad hold mechanism to stimulate users to buy more. Create more dex and more daily profit games, you will generate revenue as expenses. When using dex, let the rewards are random winning whitelists of launchpad projects motivate users to exchange more.
  3. Create collections and do random airdrops with it (the reward should be big enough to excite the media ~$2000-$10000). You will gain a lot of profit from the sale of subsequent collections.
  4. Repeat until you come up with the next game :slight_smile:
  5. KOLs are the people who take your success further and very quickly. First do good projects and associate with as many KOLs as possible
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Forward-thinking and insightful! Proposed enhancements underscore a commitment to innovation and user satisfaction. Can’t wait to see them in action! :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:

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