【ZIP】A proposal to launch Zkfair into 10billion TVL and keep it there

4 major things are needed.

  1. An NFT collection: people like to belong, and giving them a sense of belonging will ensure that they stay. I propose launching an NFT contest with free mint requirements and providing support to the project with the best idea so ZKF can have a sort of membership privilege that will ensure we are well represented on social media.

  2. An onboarding process: I believe this is already been covered by the airdrop process, but as we’re at a stage where full decentralisation is not yet feasible, centralised exchanges allowing deposits and withdrawals with quick confirmations will help in boosting the amount and frequency of on chain usage.

  3. Grants: We need to offer benefits for already successful projects to fork a compatible version of their code to our chain, and if they have not yet launched tokens, offer incentives to make them deploy their tokens on our chain.

  4. Another airdrop: I agree that going full decentralisation at the start is pretty impressive, but people are here for what they can gain first and foremost, if you withhold too much they will get frustrated. If you give too much, they will lose interest and go for more juicy offers, the promise of a future drop will keep people working long enough to get stuck on chain.

These above methods are conclusions I’ve drawn from current working models and I believe the implementation of at least one if not all can boost TVL immensely, also I would advice to avoid voyages as it has been overused and people are tired of that shit. I look forwards to the success of the project. Cheers.

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Better Airdrop First And Listing in Bybit