【ZIP】Paradigm is backing ZKF and that's why

  1. Liquidity and Exchange Listings:

    • The first and most obvious requirement is a huge amount of liquidity to reach such a market cap. Therefore, listing on top centralized exchanges (CEXes) like Binance and OKX could significantly aid in accessing real capital.
  2. Incentives for Liquidity Migration:

    • Incentivize users of Celestia, Polygon, and other ecosystems to transfer their liquidity to the zkFair ecosystem. One approach could be the implementation of gas-free bridges, for example, making the transition smoother and more appealing.
  3. Community Engagement and Token Price Drivers:

    • We all understand that the main driver of token price is the community and its activity. The best way to achieve acclaim from the crypto community is by introducing an impressive array of degen stuff. For instance, launching the first official NFT collection from the zkFair team or introducing a first official memecoin could be effective.
  4. Supporting dApp Developers and Marketing Campaigns:

    • Affiliate with and support developers of dApps on zkFair, assisting them in setting up points system and referral campaign for potential airdrops of their tokens. This strategy is trending and can help draw attention to the ecosystem. Essentially, we are adopting the experience of Solana, as this approach significantly contributed to Solana’s revival in the current market, enhancing its attention and TVL.
  5. Trust and Hype Through Investor Transparency:

    • Based on previous experience, a project can gain more trust and hype by officially announcing their investors and backers. Transparency in this area often leads to increased confidence and interest in the project.
  6. Managing Post-Airdrop Sell-Pressure:
    -As stated in the documents, all tokens will be in circulation following the conclusion of the airdrop. To counteract potential sell-pressure, it would be beneficial to create a vault with a lock-in mechanism and high APR for users. This strategy would incentivize users not to withdraw their liquidity from zkFair immediately after the airdrop. By offering these attractive terms, we can encourage longer-term holding and stabilize the token’s value post-airdrop.

  7. Active Social Media Management and Engagement:
    -Active management of social media platforms is crucial. This involves interacting with key players in the ecosystem, such as Polygon and Celestia, as well as engaging with other relevant ecosystems. Additionally, partnering with influencers and maintaining a consistent level of activity in community chats are essential steps. Such engagement helps in building a robust online presence, fostering relationships within the crypto community, and ensuring sustained visibility and interest in the zkFair project. It’s not only about sharing updates but also about creating a dialogue and a sense of community, which are vital for long-term engagement and growth.

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damn well done, agree with everything!

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great prediction mate, we alreday see the airdrop plan for Sideswap which I am sure will turn out great

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one hundred percent!

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byting with paradigm bro

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Hope so brother, ZkFair to the mooooon!

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I do not understand the logics behind the vault strategy, can you explain?

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listing on binance is the most crucial thing, from my point of view. If listed on any other CEX but binance, market cap won’t even hit a billion

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Good idea to use clickbait ahahahah)) I mean, with the example of Solana, now it can be seen that the liquidity is getting out of there, are there any takes on how to prevent this?

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  1. I think that that is an icing on the cake. the less is known, the more interesting it becomes, but generally comprehensive arguments. Guys, I think that if Paradigm backs zkfair, it will be even better
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I think that the Vault strategy can efficiently prevent users from pulling out liquidity instantly. So, if the Vault is created after the airdrop with good APR and rewards in stables, it can incentivize more and more users to hold zkfair. Hope I explained it for you mate.

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good point, but the argument about airdrops from dapps on zkfair will incentivize users to keep WITHIN the zkfair

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eventually, but the ongoing activity will only do better, so, just keep the system fresh!

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gpt makes the work probably, but the proposal are good^*^

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I would also include a point about some kind of a builders championship on zkfair with a reward for them, which would encourage the ecosystem to grow

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Thank you guys, let’s make the ecosystem better together.

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Caught my attention with paradigm🤖

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I think on okx for example it can hit a billion easily but agree with the importance of binance here

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I would also add organizing some hackathons for developers to support technical improvement of rhe ecosystem

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Deployment of FairPunks nftcollection for example would be a hype stuff

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