[ZIP] Some personal thoughts for Zkfair to reach high Mcap value

Zkfair is trying to break new ground in this market. They have been very successful so far. But without new strategies, the community will sell all the coins and Zkf will lose great value. Here are some of my suggestions for these strategies:

First of all, there are two important steps for a project to gain value.

  • Investors making purchases.
  • Investors not selling.
  1. If the team has sufficient budget, a KOL (Key Opinion Leader) team can be formed. This team should consist of strong Influencers. In this way, they can make very strong promotion and get people to invest in Zkfair.

  2. There must be a staking system.

  3. Subprojects that will be released on the Zkfair network may give certain tasks when do airdrop. To access these tasks, people may need to have a certain amount of Zkf coins. In this way, people will buy Zkf tokens to get the airdrop and also do the tasks.

  4. Zkfair’s collaboration with Lumoz and Polygon was great. There should be collaborations like this. Big steps must be taken to be listed on major exchanges. As awareness increases, volume and Mcap value will increase.

  5. Events should be held regularly to keep the community active. Zkfair has a large community. First of all, some work should be done to avoid losing this community.

  6. In order to launch projects on the Zkfair network, cooperation should be made with many projects. There should be a team working only for this purpose. We see this in many blockchain projects.

If these are done, the project can create a huge hype. And everything is very easy after the hype anyway.

Thank you for reading.

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Marketing team should definitely be there

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Great idea! I Like it

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This is definitely a good idea

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Not bad idea! Good luck ^^)

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Good idea, I think it should be like this

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I think it should be good

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Stake should definitely come

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Whatever needs to be done to prevent Zkfair from falling

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You forgot Binance, but it’s still good :))

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Hey bro, I wish you had made a stock market recommendation

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good good solutions. :+1::+1::+1:

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It could be very good

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Thank you bro :muscle:t6::muscle:t6::muscle:t6:

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Project side, be generous, we are looking forward to it,,,,,,,,

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It would be nice if the team evaluates this🫠

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Thanks for this useful article呃呃呃呃

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Thank you :woman_fairy:t2::woman_fairy:t2::woman_fairy:t2::woman_fairy:t2::woman_fairy:t2::woman_fairy:t2::woman_fairy:t2:

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chatgpt, does anyone use it, haha

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veryy good… ı like :+1::+1:

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