【ZIP】Hike TVL, 100x Upon Launch! In the dawning future, we continue to transcend!

Recently, ZKFair set an impressive record, coming with the significant moment of claiming $ZKF tokens. Yesterday, the ZKFair official account unveiled its fair-launch mode across the ecosystem. As a groundbreaking leader of Fair Mode, ZKFair shot to 14th place in the ZK Layer2 ranking with a total value locked (TVL) of 123 million dollars during the past Gas Airdrop event, topping well-known Layer2 chains like Polygon zkEVM and Scroll.

It’s a remarkable triumph that fills every supporter of the ZKFair community with pride. As the claim of $ZKF token airdrops is about to start, I call upon all community members to unite, to challenge ourselves, and to thrust TVL to a new level. To achieve 100x upon ZKF’s listing isn’t just a minor goal, but our steadfast pursuit!

Today, ZKFair has broken free and has become the cynosure of the public eye. We must utilize this momentum to prime ZKF tokens for takeoff. I am convinced that the strength of the ZKFair community is formidable, and together, we will write a new chapter in history!

In order to achieve these goals, I propose the following strategies:

  1. Expand user base and boost community activity: Every user is the driving force for growing our TVL and is pivotal to our forward momentum. We should get the word out about ZKFair, familiarize the public with its unique value and encourage more Web3 users to join us.

  2. Innovate products and services: To increase ZKF’s market share, we should incentivize the community to create new lending or collateral products and introduce more perpetual exchanges. By enriching our ecosystem, more community members can independently explore and cater to their needs with ZKFair.

  3. Establish more partnerships: We should proactively collaborate with leading players in DeFi, NFT, and social domains, expand our business coverage, and roll out diversified products. We should even welcome cooperation with third parties to bring more marvelous ecosystems into ZKFair.

All these measures are orchestrated to realize our objectives, to double TVL, and to achieve a 100x market debut for ZKF. In this grand endeavor, every member of our community will play their part. Together, with innovation and transparent token issuance policies, there is nothing we cannot achieve.

With the imminent $ZKF claim, I believe that we can hit 100x in the market debut for ZKF with the joint efforts of our community. Let’s work together to create a glorious journey for ZKFair and to continue advancing the new chapter of Web3! In this momentous historical period, let’s march forward, and let’s achieve magnificence!

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