[ZIP] If you build they will come

The key to the success of any blockchain lies in attracting genuine builders. This involves bringing on board talented developers, content creators, system architects and all the other bright minds necessary to form strong teams capable of building products that can draw new users from both other blockchain networks and the traditional web (web2).

To achieve this, ZKF (zkFair) must first attract and incentivize top talent to build on its blockchain.

One approach to achieving this goal is to incentivize builders to deploy and integrate zkFair into both new and existing projects. To stimulate this initiative, I propose the following strategies:

  1. Allocate 20% of ZKF tokens to fund builders over the next 5 years.
  2. Devote 20% of transaction fees continuously to support building and ecosystem grants.
  3. Empower the zkFair DAO to manage the above allocations on-chain.

Initially, I suggest using the ZKF token as the governing mechanism for the builder funds. However, we should consider transitioning away from the traditional “1 token, 1 vote” governance model. Instead, we can allocate weighted votes to builders and projects with high reputation scores. This transition to a novel governance mechanic could be executed after the initial implementation of the DAO rather than from day one.

The builder fund should be managed entirely on-chain. Therefore, our first step is to establish an automated and audited governance structure to create a robust decentralized ecosystem treasury. This will allow us to avoid the typical bureaucratic challenges that often hinder DAOs. It’s worth noting that many DAOs have struggled with governance and automation due to the complexity of the task.

However, if we can successfully achieve this in a decentralized and on-chain manner, we will create one of the few builder-oriented DAOs in the blockchain space. This will secure ZKF’s position at the forefront of blockchain development for the next 5-10 years, in a self-sustaining manner that aligns with the ethos of cryptocurrency and decentralized governance.

If the community shares this vision and is interested in pursuing it further, I’m willing to collaborate with a broader group to document the detailed design of what a ZKF builder DAO and fund would look like.

Cheers, Frog

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Bumping this, if you want a high valuation you need to attract builders. Strongly suggest a DAO driven ecosystem fund that incentivizes people to develop on this chain. Price is driven by utility and utility is created by attracting the right builders.