【ZIP】If I am CEO of ZkFair and want to add some value for this project, these are the steps:

Everything started with a big bang then universe found its meaning with mankind. Crypto space is no difference, it is something with people, I mean the “Community”.

ZkFair has a huge advantage because it already has a huge, listening, loving, caring community. Trust is never an easy thing, especially in Crpto space with countless of rugs and ZkFair achieved and gain the trust of the people.

So if I am CEO of this Project;

  • First step is to secure the trust so I and my team will communicate with different platforms transparently. “Communication” is a skill and key factor to achieve the success.

  • Part of this transparency, I declare all team “Wallets” to public.

  • Establish a “DAO” to rule the Project with community vote system, a democratic approach to make sure every individuals matter and voices are listened.

  • Community want to see progress and improvements so this Project gets attention and attraction of course to gain more people involved in and believe the future and outcomes. So work with esteemed entities to establish stable, durable and continous “Ecosystem” to keep Project alive and reward the supporter, developer and all individuals if they still believe the Project and HODL.

  • Ecosystem should be implemented into the projects with all different areas in accordance with “Web3 Applications”, dAPPs, RWAs, DeSci, DeFi etc. To make sure for a living ecosystem, self-improved and self-sufficient with every progress get rewarded financially.

  • Establish a staking lifetime program to make people afford their lives with earning the yield from the “Staking Pool” and Ecosystem, to make them financially freedom and bring them “Passive Income”.

  • For the self-sufficient ecosystem, ZkFair will announce their own chain with all utilities inside and as a Project starts with an idea and dream, ZkFair Chain will use their own token or another created “Token for GAS” to make this dream live long.

  • Crypto space is very early but we can see that will supercede or use instead of FIAT soon enoguh in the near future, so to be prepared for the future, I will be working with esteemed financial organisation to make “$ZKF Accepted for Payment” for any shopping activities.

  • I will visit and sign agreements (at least letter of intents) with Crypto friendly countries and “Create Offices” in those countries to work with them and help them to establish an environment for their involvement. This will inform the people in countries and support their work force and reducing unemployment and inflation.

  • Step by step we encourage the people to invest with trust, keep the Project and its ecosystem alive with self-sufficient utilities, reward the holders and supporters in any way, make them financially freedom or live without fear, make deals with real World companies to gain more Access to the real life and shopping area and be prepared for the future.

Thank you for reading.


Executive summary;
1- Communication
2- Wallets
3- DAO
4- Ecosystem
5- Web3 Applications
6- Staking Pool
7- Passive Income
8- Token for GAS
9- $ZKF Accepted for Payment
10- Create Offices

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Good strategies, especially staking and ecosystem. Lets see what people think about them. Good luck. :smiley:

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I like the ideas.
I hope you are interested in what is proposed, it is not very far from the points that have been indicated here.
Let’s make the journey long and always to the right and upwards.

come on!

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Thank you for the feedback and comment :+1:

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good idea! looking forward

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Thank you laster :+1: appreciated

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Dissagree with only last point regarding offices :slight_smile: would like to follow decentralizated principles. Another ones - perfect.

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If you review my proposal, I indicate that ZKF can already be used to pay for gas.

Since it is a chain designed in zkevm, it has that ability.

Other projects already have it (ZK projects) they enable a button so that the gas is in their currency and this has given an upward impulse to the token.

added to a stake
added to pool ZKF/usdc & eth
added to DAO and a minimum of 10K or 20K ZKF to have voting power and 100K ZKF to be able to create proposals.

I hope you find my proposal “ZKFair into a 10 billion-dollar project? to the moon!” interesting, it is very simple, but it has what is necessary.

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I checked your idea, a good one too.

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You may be right but should find out how 10B valued entity keeps itself decentralized :blush: thanks

look at this proposal, for millions of Spanish-speaking people.

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I can say this one is of the best and wanted to vote.

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Thank you Ofag, nice to have you here :fire:

Not a bad idea, I supported you!

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haha ZkFair has a huge advantage because it already has a huge, listening, loving, caring community. yes

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Thank you for the comment, hope to win together.

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It’s not a bad idea, although it has flaws.

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nice idea, let’s try to implement

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I will support you. Interesting vision

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