【ZIP】Ideas from Boreas. @boreaswu

  1. Cultivating Flagship Projects: To emulate the success of GMX on Arbitrum and FriendTech on Base, ZKF should focus on nurturing one or two flagship projects that leverage its unique network characteristics. These could be innovative in areas like DeFi, GameFi, or projects integrating AI and the Bitcoin ecosystem, aimed at attracting a significant number of sticky users to the ecosystem.

  2. Creating FOMO with Early Ecosystem Projects: Considering ZKF’s early-stage ecosystem, like SideSwap’s current airdrop with a valuation of only $300,000, ZKF could collaborate with market makers to create exaggerated growth from a low market cap. Generous airdrop rewards for loyal early users can significantly increase ZKF’s exposure and traffic.

  3. Promoting Wealth Creation and Publicity: ZKF has the potential to offer its users a chance to acquire valuable assets at low prices, like ZKF tokens at a $4 million valuation. Subsequent promotion on social media showcasing this wealth creation can attract many users to the ZKF ecosystem, creating a positive feedback loop.

  4. Support for Inscriptions: The narrative around ZKF inscriptions, especially those already minted, is crucial. Ensuring market support for these inscriptions will reinforce their value and significance within the ecosystem.

  5. Continual Technical Breakthroughs: ZKF should aim for continuous innovation and maintain a technological edge by integrating trending topics like AI and collaborating with the Bitcoin ecosystem, thereby establishing itself as a technologically advanced Layer 2 solution.

  6. Embracing the Chinese Community: Recognizing the importance of the Eastern market in the Web3 space, ZKF should actively engage with and support the Chinese community, understanding its pivotal role in the broader adoption of Web3 technologies.

  7. Launching a Dragon-Themed Meme: Introducing a dragon-element meme could resonate deeply with the community, potentially elevating it to incredible heights of popularity and engagement.

  8. Attracting Developers from the EVM Ecosystem: Initially, ZKF should focus on attracting cross-chain projects from the EVM ecosystem, such as Uniswap and Element, to enhance its platform’s capabilities and diversity.

  9. Utilizing Gas Fees for Development and Incentives: Allocating half of the gas fees to establish a developer fund to attract new projects to ZKF can be a strategic move. The other half could be used to set up a tiered reward system based on transaction volumes for existing projects, encouraging them to organically attract users and increase transaction volumes.

These recommendations, if implemented effectively, could significantly enhance ZKF’s market presence, user base, and overall ecosystem vitality.

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Hello @Boreas some of the proposals can really enhance the ZKFair development, dragon-themed meme hehe like for this:D

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