【ZIP】Long-term strategy for the ZKFair development in conditions of high decentralization of the project. Crowdfunding as a source of financing for ecosystem project developers.

Of course, it is difficult to argue with the fact that now most people perceive the crypto-universe as a place where it is possible to obtain financial benefits (and sometimes very significant ones) in relatively short terms and with relatively little difficulty. However, one must understand that for serious projects, which ZKFair may eventually become, long-term planning is necessary, since the project already has quite obvious strengths, using which ZKFair can achieve serious capitalization.
Thus, one of the significant factors for potential investors is a fairly democratic ZKF distribution system, because such a distribution made it possible to solve several problems at once: to some extent reduce the danger of manipulation of the ZKF price, acquire a fairly wide media presence and receive broad support from members of the crypto community, which expressed in the rapid growth of wallets involved in the network.
In our opinion, the following provisions can help further development of the project :

  1. At the initial stage, one of the key success factors for ZKFair is the establishment of strategic partnerships with other projects in the blockchain field, especially those that can complement or strengthen our capabilities. Of course, first of all, it is necessary to agree with the leading CEX and DEX platforms on the listing of ZKF, which should further expand the circle of potential investors. It is not yet entirely clear what will serve as an incentive for such actors, given the high degree of decentralization of ZKFair. However, if the project and its ecosystem begin to develop rapidly, then the platforms themselves will be interested in listing ZKF.
  2. Integration options with other blockchain platforms that can enhance cross-chain operations and interoperability should be considered. So, for example, it is quite advisable to create an application on the ZKFair network into which cross-platform technologies such as, for example, LayerZero and Wormhole will be integrated. At the same time, with the help of DAO voting, it will be possible to establish the commission rates charged for transactions in such an application, which will help increase the profitability of staking ZKF.
  3. We did not find any information about the DAO in the documents; however, it is obvious that all significant issues regarding the ZKFair network should be decided through DAO voting (for example, on Snapshot). At the same time, the voting power can be calculated based on the amount of staked ZKF, thus expanding the token utility.
  4. It is also obvious that to achieve a significant level of capitalization it is necessary to develop the ZKFair ecosystem. To do this, it is necessary to stimulate the development of applications on the ZKFair network. The first obvious way to attract talented developers is to organize various hackathons and competitions.
    To reward the winners of such events, it is necessary to create a special fund, however, given the economic model of ZKFair, there are not many ways to fill the reward fund for the best projects. In order to solve this problem, we can propose to use the strength of ZKFair – decentralization – and form a ZKFair crowdfunding fund, which will be filled by members of our community with voluntary USDC contributions. At the same time, the incentive for fund donors is the possibility of a potential airdrop from projects that were financed from the fund (thus, donation becomes an airdrop criterion).
  5. In addition, crowdfunding itself can be a great addition to the ZKFair ecosystem: projects that are developed on the ZKFair network and seeking funding can place fundraising campaigns in the ZKFair crowdfunding application specially created for this purpose, guaranteeing donors various preferences in exchange for donations (here again, donation can be one of the criteria for receiving an airdrop from a project, or, for example, the OG role).

In general, the ZKFair project has many strengths, the correct use of which can lead to significant progress and growth of capitalization not only to 10 billion, but much higher. Given its high degree of decentralization, ZKFair can successfully attract talent and funding, ensuring sustainable and long-term growth. The joint development of the ecosystem, developer support and active community participation will be key factors in further strengthening ZKFair’s position in the field of blockchain technologies.

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