【ZIP】if I become the CEO, what will I do? by Bossclover

If I became a CEO and thought that what I should do would be

  1. Find new and efficient projects to organize IDO using ZKF and with guaranteed price and security

  2. Create a public dao ido platform where anyone can present their own projects. Investors should do their own research to see if they want to invest

  3. Find a project that has an airdrop to build on the chain.

  4. Find partners and various projects to open services on the chain

  5. Do a random airdrop activity once a month on X by giving likes, retweets, and comments and tagging friends. This will trigger visibility on X

  6. Establish a dao to help vote on what gas fees should be how many charged. and create a lottery system where gas fees accumulated on the chain will be awarded to swap any pairs ZKF given to 10 people every 1 month, with the prize amount determined by the DAO.

  7. The DAO can determine the burning of ZKF from the fees received

  8. Supports bridges from multiple projects for easy and versatile access.

  9. Create a disposable smart wallet to protect against investment risk scam projects.

  10. Develop the chain to be highly efficient and consistently safe.

In short, what I really focus on The goal is to get more developers to build on the chain and create a true DAO and Web3 community. To attract developers, ZKF needs to have a high price point and then have a large number of users and a large number of developers to follow Come too.

Zkfair is not a place, it’s a people :heart:

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