【ZIP】as a CEO i will

Zkfair has advantages that other layer 2 projects don’t have. thats use USDC as gas fee. This makes the gas costs incurred at ZKfair not fluctuate too much.
And if I were the CEO of zkfair I would maximize the potential of the network for mass development of blockchain-based applications or projects. For that I have a plan

  1. Zkgrant programm
    Create a grant program for every project that wants to build dapps, especially within the zkfair network. Every project that wants to get funding must have certain eligibility requirements.

  2. Zkcamp programm
    Create a bootcamp program every 1 or 2 quarters. This is really needed because a blockchain not only works by how much TVL it has but also how much ecosystem it has.

  3. Partnership
    Creating partnerships with several projects, especially in essential fields such as defi, bridge.

  4. ZKevent
    Create event programs such as swaps, bridges with a certain total prize to encourage people to get used to the technology that ZKfair has

  5. Zkhunter
    Create a hunter program for communities that find bugs or make certain contributions that are beneficial to zkfair’s future development.
    and anyone who finds a bugs or makes a certain contribution will be given a reward according to the level found

If we want zkfair to be successful, we must at least create solid fundamentals. Because in my opinion, even though zkfair got $123m TVL, zkfair doesn’t have a solid foundation yet. Therefore, the first thing that must be improved is the fundamentals themselves.

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I fully agree with your strategy, it must be considered and worked on.

Ecosystem building should be first priority, we need every thing on this chain.

i-e games, socialfi, meme, NFTs, Defi, AI etc

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That’s right, if there is no ecosystem and only relies on hype from airdrops then I’m sure it won’t be long before this chain becomes dead.

and also because this is a community-based chain, I think a reward system is needed, this makes it possible to motivate people to contribute more

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