【ZIP】Greed is not a mammoth - greed will not die out!

Greed is not a mammoth - greed will not die out!
This quote applies to this project, look at TVL!
The most important thing is the Tokenomics of the project, which will lead to the Goal.
Since all the coins will be distributed to the community, it will be necessary to keep the tokens from being drained and to keep the TVL in the ZkFair network.
I suggest 4 steps:

  1. Invite the community to burn the received tokens (all or part of the tokens) in the Smart Contract and receive the right to receive a % of the share of the burned tokens in the USDC;
  2. Distribute the received commission (USDC) in shares:
    75% are those who sent the received ZKF tokens to a smart contact (let’s call it GENESIS), for example once a month.
    25% for marketing, developers, grants, etc.
  3. Those who did not receive the airdrop of tokens can redeem them at the rate at the time of redemption and send ZKF tokens to receive a share in the retention…
  4. Limit commission receipt to no more than 1 million tokens per wallet for the purpose of decentralization!
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A well-crafted vision for ZKFair’s growth. The article instills confidence in the project’s trajectory.

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