【ZIP】ZKFair strategy to become $10 billion project

As the CEO of ZKFair I would implement the steps shown below:

  1. Unclaimed tokens after the airdrop should be burnt. It will decrease the enormous initial supply of tokens as well as the community would not be concerned about this question anymore (as there will always be unclaimed tokens and people would mot likely want to redistribute them only seeking for profit).
  2. ZKF token should be used for transactions, not only as a community voting token. This will encourage people to invest in the token as well as being the main token of the blockchain will mean that there always will be demand for it.
  3. If ZKF token will be used for transactions then there should also be a token burn mechanism. As most of the successful blockchains implemented this mechanism, there will be less inflation for the token and its price will be more stable which eventually will lead to ZKF token becoming more desirable asset to have.
  4. All kinds of smart contracts should be implemented in the blockchain including DEXs, NFT markets, perpetual exchanges and etc. There won’t be much to do in the blockchain if it would lack Dapps.
  5. Some of the portion of ZKF treasury should be used to buy L2 blockchain tokens (like Optimism and Arbitrum) for ZKF community to become a large voting power in their community votes. This can be implemented to ensure that the voices of ZKFair community will also be deciding factor in other large scale project as I am sure that ZKF holders also use other L2 projects.
  6. The marketing company should also be there which can include collaborations with projects like Galxe, Intract, QuestN so people will get to know the project. Quests may be a great option for increasing volume, TVL and overall popularity of the project.
  7. And of course the listing on big CEX’s will boost the interest of investors towards the project.
    That is how I see the project in its way to reach $10 billion MC.
    Thanks for attention!
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