【ZIP】 Three-steps strategy helps ZKFair achieve a market value of $10 billion!

Firstly, we need to analyze our strengths and weaknesses. Compared with other L2s that value developers, we have a larger and more united community, but our ecosystem is relatively scarce. We need to expand our strengths and make up for our weaknesses.

So, how do we expand our advantages? We already have 100 million tvl. The next step is how to retain this money. In the current currency environment, Inscription is a good choice. While the popularity of Inscription is still there, open the market as soon as possible to encourage users to use Inscription and activate the chain. This will attract more people to pledge zkf, and the price of zkf will stretch, attracting more people to pay attention to zkfair.

The popularity of inscriptions will reach its peak after a period of time, and everyone may get tired. However, as a public chain, zkfair’s ecology has not yet been completed so quickly. At this time, in order to retain the popularity, we started the second move, meme coin, through several different meme to retain the popularity on the chain, you can refer to the gameplay of other memes, such as the recently successful aidoge, pepe, etc. This stage is to use meme coins to attract more people to the zkfair chain and start interaction.

The third stage is the stage of substantial changes. This stage should arrive in the second quarter of 2024. I guess that chain games will be very popular by then. Zkfair needs a few phenomenal chain games to become completely popular. I guess that chain games will be very popular by then. Zkfair supports the entire chain Games and should create a developer-friendly game public chain, The focus of zkfair’s construction should be on chain games, which is a key area of ​​web3. I believe that Polygon officials are also very interested.

So far, zkfair has completed the three-step strategy of retaining users, attracting users, and attracting developers. Combining users and developers friendly is the biggest goal of a public chain.As for more detailed ecological construction issues and how to attract developers, I have no relevant experience and hope to have more and better suggestions.

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Involve to different famous projects to help users get airdrops from these projects, being active in ZKFire network. E.g. made Orbiter, Owlto. Most of active crypro users now are drophunters.