Bring Use case for ZKF and value to the token

As we have separate blockchain, our only goal is to reach the TVL as high as possible by bringing so many use cases and developer friendly to bring more dapps. Also we need to develop so many quests, do marketing and also big campaigns to reach out more people and bring value for our token.

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All gas charges in the USDC should always be sent to ZKF holders!

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Node and Validator require costs to maintain the System

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It is necessary to create a P2P exchange, USDCe ZKF fiat, for all countries of the world. we need a decentralized gateway to fiat!

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with out incentives the node operators will cease operations

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it’s ok sound good :smiley: :smile:

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maybe! Can you be a little more specific? :thinking:

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Thank you for this useful information

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Thank you for sharing the interest.

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Shiny bottle insights into ZKFair’s roadmap! A combination of research and curious optimism about the future of the project. More please! :sunglasses:

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Stellar strategy breakdown! The article not only informs but excites, making me eager to witness the project’s growth unfold. :smiley:

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Thoroughly enjoyed the comprehensive breakdown of ZKFair’s development plan. The future looks bright!

I’d like to see a roadmap for the future, how do you look at that?

Impressed by the strategic foresight. :sunglasses: The article crafts a persuasive narrative for the project’s promising future. Thumbs up!

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