Zkf $1 soon, lets improve it

Hi my name is John, and I am a representative of the JohnVivo DAO.
I propose a number of innovative steps to improve the zkFair ecosystem:

Launch to the NFT market:

Implement a platform for trading and creating NFT with an emphasis on uniqueness and quality of content.
Conduct marketing campaigns to attract artists and collectors, emphasizing usability and low commissions.
Creating Meme Coins:

Launch a campaign to create and support Meme Coins within the zkFair ecosystem.
To develop a mechanism that allows users to easily create their Meme Coins and interact with them on the platform.
Improving the idea of gas payment in the USDC:

Implement a scheme to reward users for conducting transactions using USDC instead of gas fees.
Develop a loyalty program for those who prefer to use the USDC, providing them with additional bonuses and privileges.
Expanding partnerships:

Establish partnerships with leading NFT platforms to ensure integration and content sharing.
Maintain close ties with projects developing Meme Coins to create a strong and mutually beneficial community.
Educational initiatives:

Launch training programs for artists and content creators about the capabilities of NFT and the benefits of using zkFair.
Develop resources and guidelines for creating Meme Coins, making the process accessible to a wide audience.

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